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Be aware when giving them your credit card, they can put charges through without your authorization, even credit cards that require a passcode. When booking your parties, make sure you give them a smaller number, and make sure everything is in writing. I originally booked a child's party for 12, had confirmed 10 by phone, and on day of event, I was given 10 passes for the children, and 2 adult supervising passes (which are suppose to be free, which was confirmed 2x). In reality, I only had 7 people attend the party, but they had to charge me for the full 10 even though it is not being used, they'll give you a couple of petty plays that doesn't allow you to play them on same day, it's a joke! Two days after the event, they put extra charges without my authorization on my credit card, saying they have to charge me for 12 people because my email says a party for 12. Do not give your credit card information to them at all. If you must book a party there (they have other locations too, it's all the same management), go in person and give them a deposit by cash or cheque, then on day of event, pay them by cash or cheque, and double check the bill, they overcharged me. Don't end up like me having to pay for unauthorized charges. I have already reported them the to Better Business Bureau. They are NOT an honest company.

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      Nov 28, 2012

    You can't imagine how disappointed four 14 year old boys were when they were brought to Planet Lazer, and WERE NOT ABLE TO PLAY. We called to confirm that there were no large parties involved on the day we wanted our son to enjoy lazer tag with his friends. We were told "sure, come on in". This call went into the NEW WEST location one week ago. Sure enough, when we arrived with kids in tow, there was an exclusive party booked who had booked weeks before. We were NOT TOLD of this large party, even though the phone calls were made. Disappointed times ten. Is there something wrong with checking your records to compare notes on the day we want to come in and the day that says on your lovely computer system that a large party is playing instead???? Exclusive huh? Oh, and even though we were willing to mix in with this party, THAT isn't even possible because the Planet Lazer staff has been instructed NOT to deal with any of those issues? Really? So, Planet Lazer, how do you suggest we deal with a disappointed and upset group of kids? After requesting to speak to the managerial type of individual at this place, you're faced with blank stares, and an "I'm not allowed to divulge the name of the person in charge" response from under-trained staff.

    Do you know how to make this situation better?????

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