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Pjp Health Agency Inc.



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It's a fraud! I was searching for health insurance online, and 2 minutes after my search I received a call from PJP. She promised me good coverage including dental with very low price, and then asked me for my checking account number! After payment I didn't receive any package she promised me. Then I did some research and found that I wasn't the first victim of this company!
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N  9th of Dec, 2010 by    +5 Votes
Don't believe all of the negative information that is being written about PJP Health Agency?

Read the following excerpt from an article printed in the July 15, 2001 issue of the Seattle Times:

"In 1999, four were convicted or accused felons, including Joseph Teseo, 32, and Philip Teseo, 29, who pleaded guilty that year in a scheme to manipulate IPOs. The Teseos declined comment."

To read the entire article, please cut and paste the following web address into your browswer:

N  18th of Dec, 2010 by    +5 Votes
Bought a medical plan for my daughter in October of this year for 227.50 plus 59.95 per month as she turned 22 and was no longer covered by my BC/BS. Of course it is an automatic debit as the salesman said they did not do regular paper billing. My ### antennae went way up but the salesman was insistent that it was on the up and up even though I was hesitant. He gave me a number to call back and actually called a few days later as he had to talk personally to my daughter to OK the plan. PJP was about $40 a month cheaper than Healthy NY, which I used for about a year for my son. I just sent an email to PJP at terminations@pjphealthagency.com to terminate the plan as she will now be allowed to return to my BC/BS plan as of the first of 2011. The email was returned as undeliverable. She did submit one medical claim which was paid; sheI only submitted one though. I will now be contacting my bank to stop any future debits. I have a few suggestions for others who may be looking for medical insurance. 1-Get it through your employer if at all possible. 2-Trust your instincts and don't feel desperate because; 3-Healthy NY is a reputable and affordable alternative that sends a monthly bill
N  19th of Dec, 2010 by    +5 Votes
atc1982: Go to your bank and fill out an ACH Form as soon as possible! The filing of this form will prevent PJP Health Agency from making future unauthorized ACH withdrawals from your checking account. You may also ask your bank to file a dispute in order to have the previously debited funds put back into your checking account.

Up until fairly recently, very few of the people who have been ripped off and lied to by PJP Health Agency have bothered to post complaints online or file complaints with state and federal agencies like the New York State Insurance Department, the New York State Attorney General's Office, and the Federal Trade Commission. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAN ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN RIPPED OFF BY PJP HEALTH AGENCY FILE COMPLAINTS WITH THESE AGENCIES! Now that more and more people are coming forward to tell their stories, it looks like PJP Health Agency may finally have to answer to the authorities for their misdeeds!

Ms. Judy Doyle of the New York State Insurance Department is one of the people currently investigating the business practices of PJP Health Agency. You can contact her at (518) 474-5154 to share your experiences. She is currently assembling a list of people who have been ripped off and lied to by PJP Health Agency, and is in a position to help you.
A  22nd of Dec, 2010 by    +4 Votes
This is valued information because we were recently ripped off by PJP Health Agency. I am a senior citizen and was trying to help my wife obtain insurance. PJP Health Agency promised the world to us to get our business and provided nothing but were very quick to debit our bank account twice. To play it safe our bank recommended that we close our account and open a new one because PJP could still put in a request for a payment for a different amount then what you want stopped, the bank could process the different amount. If you have overdraft protection, you may have in place an amount that is allowed to be paid by the bank without question. Please check.
N  23rd of Dec, 2010 by    +4 Votes
The PJP Health Agency Facebook Page referenced above has been removed, but there is a now PJP Health Agency Sucks! Facebook Group where those who have been ripped off by this company can say their peace:


N  27th of Dec, 2010 by    +4 Votes
I just need to know how to contact these people. My daughter purchased but I think she misunderstood what they were offereing. If anyone has a valid phone number please advise.

N  27th of Dec, 2010 by    +4 Votes
As of right now the only complaint I have is finding a phone number where someone actually will answer the phone instead of me having to leave a message. If anyone has a working phone number please advise...Thanks
N  29th of Dec, 2010 by    +4 Votes
TVL MCRARY: PJP Health Agency's scam is that once you have given them your checking account number, they will immediately begin to debit money from your checking account. It is IMPOSSIBLE to contact a live person in order to tell them to cancel your insurance policy. Leaving a message on their voice mail system is a complete waste of time as it will not be answered. The only way to stop them from debiting your account is to close your checking account or go to your bank and fill out an ACH Form. After doing this, I strongly suggest that you give Judy Doyle at the New York State Insurance Department a call. She can be reached at (518) 474-5154. If you won't take my advice, then you deserve what you get.

N  30th of Dec, 2010 by    +4 Votes
Thanks everyone for all the advise...My daughter has gone to the bank and filled out the ACh Form and I actually did get to speak with two different people @ PJP twice in one day. Amazing...To Beldar, I appreciate your advise but why be so nasty in your last sentence. Noone deserves to be ripped off, no matter what advise they take or not take. But thank you anyway, for providing a phone number for Judy Doyle ..

Will update as soon as this is resolved. Hope everyone who has fallen into any type of scam gets their money back.
N  1st of Jan, 2011 by    +4 Votes
It's a new year, but PJP Health Agency is still in operation and still scamming unsuspecting "customers" out of their money by issuing them fraudulent health insurance policies. This company is owned by Philip Teseo who, along with his brother Joseph, was convicted of stock fraud back in the late 1990s.

Read more: http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive/?date=20010715&slug=ipo15

When will the appropriate state and federal regulatory agencies shut this boiler room operation down? How many more people are going to be scammed out of their money before these con artists are put out of business?

Please Google "PJP Health Agency" and "Joseph and Philip Teseo" for more information about this unscrupulous company and the ### who run it.

Read more: http://www.cbsnews.com/8618-18563_162-6973393.html?assetTypeId=30&messageId=10212892&tag=contentBody%3BcommentWrapper#ixzz19mts58zb
N  11th of Jan, 2011 by    +4 Votes
I'm no fool, I didn't give them any information more than I did on the website form that they called me from. I asked them to email me info, then looked them up before doing any business with them, should be standard business policy for anyone. What I find incredibly funny is, the link that took me to them in the first place, is the first link one see's on this site! Is there no screening of advertisement sales, even on complaint sites?
N  16th of Jan, 2011 by    +3 Votes
PJP Health Agency Beechstreet PPO, Multiplan PPO, Med Sense Guaranteed Association, National Congress of Employees, Health Essentials, Amli, Big Insurance Scam in Melville, New York

I bought a health insurance policy from this company and when I received the paperwork it cleared showed that I purchased a discount a plan. The agent explained to me I was buying an insurance policy. He lied to me. I have been trying to call him back and he will not return my calls. This company is fraud.
D  18th of Jan, 2011 by    -4 Votes
If silly consumers would read what they received none of this would happen. Clients are offered various products and when you are given a product you clearly signed up for however now want to complain is just ###ed.

Who signs a contract, does a verification then have nerve to complain online, WHATEVER HAPPENED TO GOING TO THE COMPANY AND ACTUALLY RESOLVING THE MATTER WITH A MANAGER...HELLLOOOOOOOO
N  18th of Jan, 2011 by    +4 Votes
Sorry, "Ppl r ###ed", but those who have been misled and ripped off by the con artists at PJP Health Agency have a right to post their negative experiences online if they so desire. How dare you call the victims of PJP Health Agency's health insurance scam "###ed"?

PJP Health Agency is surreptitiously run by brothers Joseph and Philip Teseo, who have both been convicted of stock fraud.


Since the Teseo Brothers are prohibited from being licensed as insurance agents anywhere in the United States due to their criminal past, they use their father Philip Teseo, Sr. and his associate James V. Struss as front men.

PJP Health Agency scams it's clients ("dupes" would be a more appropriate term) by selling them discount medical plans when they have been led into thinking that they have purchased health insurance. Since PJP Health Agency does not supply potential customers with written details of the plan before purchase, most consumers do not realize that they are purchasing a medical discount plan instead of legitimate health insurance. Since most customers do not have law degrees, they are overwhelmed when they are rushed into giving their checking account number and then rushed into e-signing a contract. The so-called "telephone verification process" is bogus, as it is handled in-house, and not by an independent third party.

For those customers that are a little more knowledgeable about the health insurance process and are willing to pay the price, PJP Health Agency does offer health insurance coverage. However, this coverage is not legitimate, because customers are assigned into groups of which they are not members. For example, a customer may be given health coverage through Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield, but this coverage is issued because PJP Health Agency fraudulently claimed that the customer is a member of a group (i.e. a local Chamber of Commerce), when in fact they are not. If the customer ever has a serious medical condition requiring an expensive procedure or treatment, the insurance company will conduct an investigation which will determine that the insured was not actually a member of the group to which PJP Health Agency claimed they were. This will result in the insurance claim being denied, which will put the customer on the hook for potentially thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars.

Up until recently, PJP Health Agency has been able to fly under the radar and take advantage of both a gullible public and lax enforcement of insurance fraud laws by the state regulatory agencies. But things are starting to change. Both ex-employees, scammed customers, and defrauded insurance companies are coming forward to expose this company for what it really is... a boiler room operation which is engaged in an ongoing criminal enterprise!

A  23rd of Jan, 2011 by    +4 Votes
I could write a 20 page report about what ripoffs PJP Health Agency is. The agent who sold me my fraudulent policy told me whatever lie was needed to get me to sign up so she can get paid. And once I signed up I could never get her on the phone to cancel. Of course that is completely opposite of what she told me when she said "if you arent happy with the policy you can cancel at anytime." Just do yourself a favor and run when this company tries to get you. They find a way around everything to make sure they never have to pay you. They have so much small print and are professionals at finding something that makes them not have to pay you. RUN!!!
N  26th of Jan, 2011 by    -4 Votes
N  29th of Jan, 2011 by    +4 Votes
Hey "B.G. concerned" (aka Dan Hardwick, General Manager of PJP Health Agency): I wouldn't be so smug if I were you. Just because PJP Health Agency has not yet been shut down doesn't mean that it won't be in the near future. Many of the people who have been posting complaints about your company online have also been filing written complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, The New York State Attorney General's Office, The New York State Insurance Department, as well as the fraud departments of the various health insurance companies (UnitedHealthcare/Oxford, Blue Cross Blue Shield).

These complaints not only detail how your company misleads customers by tricking them in to believing that they have purchased health insurance coverage when they have actually purchased a medical discount plan, but also detail how you fraudulently obtain health insurance coverage for customers by claiming that they are members of groups and associations which they are not members of.

You can try to spin your lies any way you'd like, Dan, but the fact remains... PJP Health Agency is a dishonest company which rips off it's customers and defrauds insurance companies.

A  30th of Jan, 2011 by    +4 Votes
Beware!!! Do not enroll with this company. This company is a major fraud. All they care about is your money. When I first talked to my insurance agent, he quoted us an inexpensive health plan which supposedly will cover our medications, unlimited doctors visits, etc. Basically, the agent gaive us a sales pitch just to get us to enroll with them.

What the agent quoted me originally is not the same when we first received the first bill. I should have known that this company is a fraud when the agent was all too eager to get my credit card number even before sending me information about the policy. Their agents must be on commission basis. But the real truth is once you're enrolled, they will all of a sudden increase your premium AND you will also find out that nothing is really covered-no meds, no doctors visits. My husband and I were unable to get our medications covered eventhough I clearly told the agent about the importance of our monthly medications(he assured us of course that we were definitely covered). Because of the lies and the fraud we cancelled our policy. What a bunch of crooks!
A  6th of Feb, 2011 by    +4 Votes
I filled out some information on the internet looking to get health insurance and I was contacted by an agent from PJP Health Agency. He was the 1st to reply to my request for medical insurance info. He described an insurance coverage plan that sounded too good to be true. He told me that it was just like group coverage through an employer & that it was available because there are sometimes some extra slots available through large companies (not sure of the exact quote). So this was something I should jump on. He told me many things that were not true (at the end of our conversation, I was convinced that it was GREAT).

I should have done my research, but I bought into the things this man was telling me. When the contract arrived, it looked bad. I telephoned immediately to find out what exactly would be covered. I was given the "run around" and told that they could not tell me until they received the bill from the doctor. I should have cancelled then and there, but I trusted him. I bare much responsibility in this poor decision, but I was lied to beyond belief! I will no longer trust sales people and I will do my research. This was a scam.

After I received the first charge to my bank account from PJP Health Agency, I freaked out and did a little research, it was too late. I had had a full physical exam, with blood work, mamogram, pap, etc. The insurance probably paid approximately $$125.00 towards all of this. I will not know exact figures until statements come from all providers. That is very frightening.

When I did cancel this policy, I also canceled my credit card, as I had learned that PJP Health Agency had allegedly continued to charge former clients after they'd canceled. They were not going to take me again. What a learning experience! I could have gladly done without it.
N  9th of Feb, 2011 by    +4 Votes
I was searching for Health Insurance, PJP Health Agency (Health Essencials Health Care) called stating that i submited a application over their wb-site, im sure i didnt. The Rep. telling me that he had the Best rate that i could possibly find, and yes he was right, he did. After going over the rate, im starting to ask ?, He immediately started talking over me (a light-bulb pop in my head) not even being on the phone with him for (5)min., he started to ask for my bank acct. info. i say to him im not comfortable with giving that over the phone, besides ive never heard of this (Health Essencial) before. I then ask, are you with the BBB, yes we are, rated A+(excellence). Well i said to him i will contact them( he's still asking for acct. info) atleast 5x's. True enough i checked, their ratings with BBB was a F., scored a 4.2 out of 5 and the BBB does'nt have sufficient info on the Company.they are FRAUD and a SCAM. (WATCH OUT)...Please, be careful of these type of companies, always ask questions, and its good to no what they dont cover as well as what they cover in concerning your health(family). What sounds good in NOT always the best option (shop around)?

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