Pizza 73 Lloydminster, Alberta / bad customer service experience in store by owner

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This is about the real bad customer service experience i had at pizza 73 store in lloydminster, alberta. Today evening (november 24th, 2016), i went to store to get medium pizza. cashier on the counter was owner himself. i asked him that i want medium vegeterian pizza. he punched it in but i said i want toppings of my choice, he said he could not do this but finally agreed when i said please you can charge for extra toppings. i told him i want red peppers, mushroom and onion on all, half pineapple and half banana peppers. the guy gave me a bad look and said i cannot do it. it gets really hard for us to make this kind of pizza. i said if i call customer care then also you would have to make that pizza so why is this a problem. he replied that its wastage of time for us when you guys come in and make order like this. its easy when we get orders online.

I further said its you who is having problem no other pizza store have this problem. he literally told me you can go to other pizza store and he does not care. but i said you guys make good pizza so i come here. 

This guy had problem with my friend last year as well, he was rude to him the same way he was with me. my friend does not go to this store anymore. 

whatever happened today was not right. owner should atleast know how to treat customers. i was not asking for free stuff or anything. i wanted him to charge me but atleast give me what i want. i know one customer wont make difference to such a big franchise. i also know you guys will just send him a note telling him about his mistake, and he will just tear that note and through it in dustbin. he is owner there anyways.

It was really disappointing what i faced today. Hopefully you guys can ask the owner in this store to be well behaved and do some customer service course. Thanks for your service. 

Nov 24, 2016

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