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Pinzoo sold me the $35.00 $34.79 Cricket PAYgo Top-Up Minutes - Unlimited Talk+Text. At first I could not find a way to use the pin card # with Cricket and called Cricket to find out why: Cricket Customer Service at 1-800-CRICKET informed me PIN #'s CAN NOT be used to pay Monthly Plans, such as the $35 7 $45 Plans!! Pinzoo's website is selling them AS IF they can be used to pay for minutes on these plans, but they are NOT usable for those plans. Pin #s can ONLY used for the Paygo plans ( the $1, $2, $3 per day plans! Please change the info on your website!)
They are totally misleading customers, and then it is like pulling teeth to try to get your money back. from them I CANNOT USE THIS PIN# WITH MY $35 CRICKET PLAN. They do not respond, so I have to force a refund through Paypal. I would be better off not dealing with them at all. :(

The info on the Pinzoo website is misleading people to think that these pins can be used for the monthly $35 plan. They CAN NOT be used for the $35 or $45 monthly plans!

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