Pinebelt Chevrolet / Poor customer Service

United States

The dealership failed to get me my registration within 30 days and I lost use of my vehicle for three days due the temporary plates were now expired and to their incompetence. When I addressed their sales manager he took a lackadaisical attitude like it was not a big deal, he also tried to blame motor vehicle of which it was an out right lie. The sales manager also said I was one of those people who has a conspiracy theory attitude.
I then gave them one more chance by calling the general manager He initially took my call and said he would look in to it he left one phone message that the registration was now in the regular mail not even over nighted. Then he failed to return my next three calls. I would never buy another car from them ever again. I hope this will save someone else the grief I had to deal with.

May 29, 2015

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