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PictureMe / Wrong passport pohtos

1 Central, United States Review updated:

I took a picture at PictureMe studio at Walmart (Central, SC).
The photographer took a picture of me with Polaroid camera for the US Passport. After taking a picture, she just gave a raw photo to me without cutting it into 2 x 2 inch size.
As you know, the Passport photo size should be 2 x 2 inches.
She said, the photos should be cut at the post office. It seems weird to me, but I went to the post office at Central, SC. The officer at the post office said the size of the photos is wrong and it does not meet the Passport photo regulation. So the photos can not be cut in the cutting machine.
So, I went back to the PictureMe studio at Walmart and asked a refund for this. She refused. Instead, she can take another picture. I asked her to cut the photos (2x2 inch size) here. She admitted that she does not have that 2x2 cutting outline so she sent me to the post office.
I said, if a new photo is wrong again, then what should I do? She said, then take another photo until it meets the passport regulation and size. I said, then back and forth from post office and walmart again and again. It is ridiculous. I said, I want to talk to her supervisor. She refused. Instead, she called someone by herself. She talked (looks like her supervisor) for a while.
I also shopped some food. So, I can not wait there anymore.
So, I had to put the food at my refrigerator at home.
I came back to PictureMe. She said, the supervisoer approved the refund. But, she asked me to show my Driver's license.
(I paid cash). She wants to keep my photos. I asked her to shred my photo. Before she took a photo, she asked my home address/phone and email.
Now, she got all my personal information including my mug shot photos, email, driver's license, home telephone, etc. I have never experienced this kind of lousy service.
I am really wondering if passport photos should be cut at post office.

So, when you take a picture at walmart,
it is advised to double-check if they can cut photos into 2 x 2 inch size and they can meet the US passport regulations although their ad clearly says they meet the regulation.

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      7th of May, 2009
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    They're supposed to cut the photos there for you. And by this point all studios should be digital and they should have a digital passport camera or a sony bluetooth. If the studio didnt have a template, thats their fault. Chances are said associate lost the template used for cutting the photos down, and really thats a shame.

  • Da
      29th of May, 2009
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    She should've cut your picture, yes. If she didn't have a template, just measure 2"x2" and cut along the lines drawn from a ruler. Not hard... I've done it numerous times when at a studio that didn't have a template.
    As far as "having your mugshot" and info. What does that have to do w/anything? You want a refund, but to keep the pictures? Na... we need to keep them and staple them to the refund and paperwork. Its policy that we have you fill out our Customer Info Card, which is the info that our computer requires. We need to put your info in the system. Out of all of the people we deal with, why would we want YOUR info and "mugshot"?
    Another thing... even after you leave- with pictures shredded, or not- there is always the option if the employee really wanted to(like they would?), all they'd have to do is print out another set. Not hard. But absolutely pointless!

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