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Picture Me Portrait Studio (in Walmart) / Poor Customer Service

1 4301 Vine, Hays, KS, United States Review updated:

I had a 7:30 pm appointment to have my daughters' pictures taken for the holidays. We showed up right at our appointment time and there was already a couple having engagement pictures taken. Not a big deal, we could wait. So we waited and waited and waited for OVER an HOUR!!!! My children are ages 5 years and 16 months. When it was finally our turn the photographer (if you can call her that), Misty, apologized for our patience and began to position my kids. By this point my younger daughter is exhausted as it is almost 8:45 pm. So she begins taking pictures-none of which turned out because the younger one wouldn't smile at the camera (she isn't usually like this). At one point this lady had the nerve to tell me that I am just going to have to decide if I "want a big smile with her looking at me or a mediocre smile with her looking at the camera"! I cannot believe the horrible customer service we recieved. Finally I said this just isn't working, my kids are tired, and I know they can take better pictures than what she was taking. The lady then thought it would be important to ask me if I would like to go ahead and reschedule tonight! WTF?! My response to her was "No we will reschedule later.....somewhere else!"

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  • Ti
      21st of Dec, 2007

    I went to pick up my son's pictures from there studio located in Harker Hieghts, Texas, and the lady that was at the register was very rude and ignored me, and continued to her phone conversation, I waited there 20 minutes before she got off the phone, and when she finally did, she gave me my pictures, and I was going through the whole package and it wasn't all of the pictures, so I told her that they need to have all my pictures if she expects for me to pay the remaining balance. She told me that she was going to re-order them and re-assure that they were going to be there in 2 weeks. I called the customer service after I left the studio to report them, and told them everything what happened. I was told that since they messed up the packet order, that I was going to get compensated, by not having to pay the remainder balance of the pictures and I can go pick up the pictures when they were ready. I went up there on Monday, and the same lady was on the phone and this time, she had totally ignored me and walked away from the cash register like I wasn't even in existence. I had an appointment that day, so I didn't have much time. So, I went back yesterday to pick up my pictures and a lady that works there by the name of Samantha refuses to give me any pictures that were in for me and got a very nasty attitude with me, because she knew she was in the wrong, I could have gotten nasty back with her, but it was too late and I just wanted my son's pictures, and still didn't get them. I refuse to ever go back to that studio and wouldn't recommend anyone else to go there either, they don't even take that good of pictures. They have another photo studio in that area and it's located in Killeen, Texas in Oh' Mart called Photo Depot and they do an excellent job, the prices are cheaper and you get all your pictures with an hour's time frame or less, pending on how busy they are, plus they are real friendly and know how to take infant pictures..

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  • Ke
      25th of Dec, 2007

    Young children tend to get tired out late at night. Unfortunately, sessions do tend to run behind schedule from time to time, as happened with the customer before you (and possibly one or two more before you arrived which ran the newleyweds behind). To have a better chance of the session being "on time" a morning appt would have been better. Also little ones tend to photograph better earlier in the day. A 7:30 p.m. appt time for small children? The studio is open 7 days a week starting at 9 a.m. Could you not have planned for a better time for your kids instead of blaming the photographer for the children being exhausted children at bedtime??? I don't know how long she had worked with your kids but I'm assuming she wasn't requesting a pleasant expression or reschedule within the first ten-fifteen minutes... that she had truly tried. 8:45pm she was already 45min after she was supposed to have closed for the day after a 12hour day and I didn't see where you said she was complaining about it but trying to be professional and work with your kids.

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  • Am
      29th of Dec, 2007

    So this is your second horrible experience with the same studio?? Why did you go back after the first time? Why didn't you hire that private photographer?

    I understand your angry, but it's no more the photographers fault that she was running late, then it is your fault for scheduling a late appt. with small children who have maybe a 15 min window for great portraits.

    You opted to wait the hour. That was your choice. You made your children wait. The photographer did the best she could with what she had to work with, and if you feel differently, pay the private photographer next time.

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  • Du
      10th of Jan, 2008

    You're an idiot. It's not the studio's fault that customers (like yourself) take up much more time than needed. The employee was doing her job by taking portraits of whoever walks in the door.

    As for your children being cranky, again, you're an idiot. Photographers are just that: photographers. Photographers can't magically make your children behave; that's your job. The employee did all that she could and even offered to reschedule for a better time for you. You REALLY need to be smarter about when you schedule your appointments. Seriously, 7:30 PM is late for taking any small child's pictures. Why on Earth did you make that dumb move?

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  • Je
      13th of Feb, 2008

    Me husband, my 2 kids and myself went before the Christmas holidays to have pictures taken. We have NEVER used Picture me photography we have ALWAYS gone to Olan Mills, but the last couple years I have not been satified with Olan Mills so I was ready to try something new and NEW it was! The photographer was HORRIBLE she stood there for 10-15 min visiting with her husband and her children and when they finally left all she did was complain about how she only got paid $8.00 an hour and that wasn't enough money to do what she did. SOmething I REALLY did NOT care about all I wanted was my family pictrues taken. Needless to say my family was very uncomfortable and our pictures were HORRIBLE. I spent $100. on Horrible pictures but family pictures was a big gift for my husbands family and we had NO time to go else were. I went 2 weeks later to pick up the pictures noone was there so i called a manager and she told me to go the next day someone would be there, so I go and the manager was there and I told her exactly what happened, got my pictures looked at them and they were even WORSE than what I had seen on the Computer, they were off center, half my daughters body was cut out of 1 of them it was a HORRIBLE experience and I told the manager this will NEVER happen again, i've been a Olan Mills customer for 11yrs and I think I will stick with them. SHe gave me the FEW pictures that came out of my package for free and gave me a free $100. coupon pkg. I told her thank you but I do NOT believe I will be using it even For FREE!!!

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  • An
      23rd of Jun, 2008

    To the original poster... you're complaining that you had to wait *GASP* during the holiday season?? LMAO... that's priceless.

    Note to self for THIS holiday season. Book an early appt elsewhere. You're kids will respond positively, & the photographer will be fresh.

    By the time she got to you, she still had a smile on her face, and attempted to entertain your children. That's after 12 hrs of whiney, sick, just got shots, haven't had a nap, needs to be fed/changed, stayed up to late, puked all over her last white rug, children - never mind the psycho parents who just won't give up, even when their kids are screaming and jumping off the table...who are under the mistaken impression that yelling at their children while being photographed will make them SMILE.

    This photographer was still courteous, still polite, and offered you a resolution, after her 12 hr day from hell, where I'm sure she wasn't given a break. She just worked overtime to try to make you happy, and you repay her by INSULTING her? Then you add insult to injury by posting HERE. That's classic. all because her magic wand wasn't working that evening, and you had to wait a whole hour. Ah, the horror.

    Please don't return. I'm sure she could do with one less ### in her day.

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