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Today I bought a 3W 170 lumen LED bulb intended for a 20W 12V light fixture with G4 type fitting for a 20W T3 halogen light.
The bulb item number 821434, Model 3G4-I, bar code [protected] was purchased at Home Depot for a total of $14.98 including tax. I bought it - because 170 lumen is really much and with 3W power consumption - I was tempted to replace these bulbs at home. I have many of these lamps - more than 12 and I also have 6 of those 20W fixtures behind my large screen TV. Anyway I bought one bulb to try out and I installed it in my desk lamp according to given instructions - meaning I had it plugged into an open light fixture with no restrictions, for proper cooling. The bulb worked great - the brightness was fantastic - it was actually brighter than the original bulb and I loved it - but it died after 3 hours! I had to reinstall the original bulb. I am absolutely shocked by this. It is unacceptable. Why did it fail? I mean c'mon - I paid 15 bucks for this bulb - it ain't cheap - and it didn't even work 1 day straight!!! I work for a leading global manufacturer of semiconductors here in California - and I am involved with new devices and I am quite sure we would never sell shi$ like this. I test devices - I cycle them, I bake them, I run them for hundreds of thousands of times before we release anything. Our products don't fail like that and we sell millions of parts every month. It's a shame PHILIPS. SHAME. Time to renew some of your engineering staff.

Philips AccentLED
Philips AccentLED
Philips AccentLED

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  • Jo
      27th of Feb, 2013

    Most LED replacement lights need specific transformers or drivers. Swapping LED packs for 12v halogen bulbs without updating your transformer will cause the LED to have all sorts of malfunctions including premature burn out. The Home Depot is doing a great disservice by putting out the Philips 3g4-1 without any guidance on which transformers to use along with it. My advice is to find a knowledgeable independent LED dealer and have them look at your overall needs, then they can suggest what you need to purchase to make your retro fit complete.

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  • Je
      4th of Oct, 2013

    You are wrong.
    The LED bulb is not marked to be intended for a specific transformer or a "driver".

    The transformer is a simple device - with AC output going up to 18V peak and that's it.
    If they can't make a proper current adjustment off that - then just don't sell the LED for 15 bucks.

    There are cheaper LEDs out there - 10W devices for less than a dollar - and I could make a current driver for it for less than $5 total based on either a linear 317 regulator + heatsink or a switching step down converter. Easy.
    The real advantage of a ready LED bulb is that you go and get it without any additional hassle.
    $15 should be more than sufficient for a device to be perfectly capable of working with any transformer based lamp fixture.

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