Petronas / petronas worker at presint 9

Putrajaya, Malaysia

I would like to complaint the two woman workers at petronas presint 9 for their unmanner gesture towards customers. They are so rude to me as it is their mistake. I am paying for 20 liter ron 95 using debit card and i didnt notice the amount given. When i start to pump, i notice that the pump is only for rm20. So, i went back to the counter and they are so unpolite towards me. The other woman them top up another rm21 to occupy 20 liter. But somehow i feel so annoyed with their manner as the woman just throw away my card. You should take an action towards your workers on how to handle customer. I wont go to petronas precint 9 because of their bad service. Thank you.

Jun 14, 2017

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