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Personal Creations / Scam

1 United States Review updated:

I'm yet another victim of Personal Creations' false advertising.

The item I was interested in purchasing was pictured with personalization and advertised for $39.99. I also found another item (advertised with personalization) for $29.99.

Upon checkout, a message popped up on the screen reading "your purchase has qualified for a free standard shipping rebate". I was relieved because I noticed that the shipping charges applied at checkout were $10 for each shipment! Their warehouse must be on an uninhabited island to justify that kind of shipping cost for something that the USPS could deliver for half the money...priority!

I followed the instructions on how to get my rebate and discovered that the '' site where the rebate is supposed to come from wants my credit card information to buy a membership to get the free shipping rebate...HUH?? Did I read that correctly?! Needless to say, I'll be canceling my order 1st thing tomorrow. Unethical to say the least.

As consumers, here we are in a depressed economy struggling just to make ends meet, never mind stretching our budgets to buy gifts for family, and there's good 'ole corporate America continuing to screw us all along the way.

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  • Ma
      6th of Feb, 2009
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    Personal Creations - Customer service offers no solution to anything
    Personal Creations
    United States

    I ordered a wall plate with my child's name, birthday etc. When it came, the personalization was terrible and looked nothing like the script pictured in their catalogue.

    In the (failed) attempt at fancy script, all of the number 7s were made to look like Z. So it said that my child was born on May 1Z, 200Z with the weight of get the picture.

    I wasn't going to hang that on the wall, so I called their customer service. I was told that since the item is personalized, they can't give a refund.

    However, I can pay to ship this back to them and they will be happy to send me another one.

    Here's the catch though: since they are not the ones actually doing the personalization (probably some factory), they can't guarantee that it will look any different.

    And yes, at my request they will put a notation in their computer about the problem with the script. BUT as they very helpfully informed me that will be completely useless, as people doing the writing have no access whatsoever to their system.

    So basically there was no solution, and I guess they wanted me to just deal with it. I called my credit card and let them do the battle, but it was just too ridiculous.

    But incredibly enough, I still didn't learn my lesson. I decided to order a pair of wine glasses for my parents' anniversary. The letter "r" in my father's name was spelled backwards. That's right people, backwards. When I called them again I was told it was a "variation of the script) Riiiiiight... So the plate story repeated itself again. But now I've been fooled twice, so I learned my lesson.

  • Bh
      2nd of Apr, 2013
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    Personal Creations - Delivery Issues
    Personal Creations
    United States

    ordered an Easter Basket after hearing about it on the radio. I went online found what i wanted and ordered a basket 5 days before Easter. At no time did they say the basket would not be delivered on or before Easter (why would they let me order a holiday gift online if they know it won't be delivered on or specific day). I contacted them once I looked up the FedEx tracking # and saw it was not going to be delivered before Easter. I had to go out and purchase another basket for my daughter since it was not coming. I asked for a refund and offered to send the basket back upon arriving. They responded to me once it was delivered saying they cannot give a refund and will not except the basket back since it was delivered and personalized (the name Emma is on it which is a pretty common name) If they would have notified me upon expected delivery date as I ordering I would not have purchased the product. They stated sorry for the inconvienence. What a customer service department. I will not purchase anything from this company or it's affiliats if they don't fix the problem and hassle this was not only for me but for future customers who get tricked into buying something for a holiday and not getting it on time.

    Your Desired Resolution:
    I wish to have my money refunded and something put in place so if someone orders a product for a holiday upon finalizing the order they get notified that it may not or will not arrive before the date of the holiday.

  • Vi
      15th of Jun, 2016
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    Personal Creations - Terrible experience
    Personal Creations
    United States

    I had ordered for a personalized gift from I had ordered a gift for my brother a sports related personal creation. I had paid via my credit card. I was charged the very same day. I was told that it would be delivered within 2 to 3 weeks that was okay because I had ordered just like that for my little brother. Three weeks had passed but my brother did not receive anything. I was very annoyed because it was delayed so I tried contacting them via emails but never got a reply so I got a hold of their phone number that was mentioned on their website and I called them but unfortunately never got through here too. I always got the answering machine and I never received a call back from them. I was very annoyed finally my brother got the gift but it was not what I had ordered for. I was very disappointed. My brother liked it but I had ordered what he really liked which he did not get and I did not want to return this because god knows when he would get another one or if he would ever get his gift back. I will never order anything from again.

  • Sc
      15th of Jun, 2016
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    Personal Creations - Horrible experience
    Personal Creations
    United States

    Ordered $200 worth of kids presents for Christmas. Received a "your order has been delivered" email shortly after. I come to find out presents were never delivered. Called Personal Creations. They said they would be late, but would arrive week after Christmas. Caled again. Delayed, but on their way. They have been shipped. It's Jan 20th. Called Personal Creations. Told orders were not shipped, but can refund for them now. Completely missing the fact they were Christmas presents and they've had by $200 for all this time. No compensation. No offer to remedy, not that I'll ever order or speak to Personal Creations again.

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