Perfume Emporium / Mariella Burani Eau Rosee Eau toilette

Ordered Mariella Burani Eau Rosee. Company is out of business and I was thrilled to find it on line to purchaser, I have been wearing this fragrance for about 6-7 yrs. Know what the bottle and fwhat rangrance smells like.

Box arrives in mail today. Looks like box perfume comes in except bottle is missing the name Eau Rosee on it, as all bottles of that fragrance have on the front. Fragrance smells similar but is not the same AT ALL. When sprayed on, fragrance dissipates within five-ten minutes. We compared the original bottle I ahve and the new one- no comparison. The new one is a fake.

This is a fake fragrance and not a manufactured product as I have bought in department stores or in the islands, over the years. Perfume Emporium should be watched and investigated with this fragrance and maybe others.

I am returning it even though I am told there is a re-stocking fee for open products. How would I have smelled it without opening it?

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