PepsiCo / unsafe driving - pepsi truck driver

United States

Date of Incident: 5.12.17
Time: around 12:26 pm
Location: Arapaho Rd in Addison Texas
Truck #: F39224
Driver: African American with skullcap or beanie on

Description of incident: I was driving my own personal work vehicle when this big Pepsi Truck comes veering into my lane without even looking and nearly drove me off the road. When I tried to get into the other lane to avoid getting hit I looked over into the truck and saw that this guy was not evening paying attention to road instead eating a sandwich and holding something else (possible drink or cellphone?) not given any regard to other drivers. He could have caused a major accident because he was more focused on his food than the road not to mention he didn't even look to see if anyone was coming!

Please make sure this guy knows he almost hurt someone today!

May 12, 2017

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