PepsiCointerview and poor treatment

It's Scott Jones. I spent a lot of time researching & creating questions and answers for my interview on 3/3/16 In Indianapolis. But I must express that I had difficulty with the instructions on the hands on activity. First- I've never had 2 B attentive 2 details in this field nor was I prompted to prior to the activity. One of the greatest challenges I had with the activity was because I couldn't read/see the paper instructions because I left my glasses in Mary's office ( the office manager ). Additionally, Jared didn't demonstrate what I was to do. He primarily just asked if I had questions before he started the clock. I tried asking questions by referencing my notes within the packet. I couldn't see without my glasses to read & I told him that more than 3 times. So he briefly Pointed to each of my destinations within the "course" / " diagram" as he paraphrased directives. I'd never worked a pallet jack before today either. *it was my thinking that n order to finish the course n the 10/15 minute timeframe would require me to work quickly. Just as I felt I would complete the task n time, Jared then gave me a different display so after I finish the 1st wrong one I was to fix it according to the new directives. * I was happy to do so. Things often do change n all aspects of life & we must push forward BUT again I couldn't see the laminated new display without my glasses. Jared told me everything I had done"wrong". I'm certain I heard him say nothing of anything I'd done well. He explained that YOU GUYS get an accurate picture of a person n those 15 minutes. Additionally he stated that new hires have a month of training. I said that's great, because I don't think a one time attempt of 15 minutes would have an accurate method to which the company is held at such high regard for many years. Regardless of my authentic interest in working with Pepsi, I could sense that I was disliked from the moment I entered the building including my exiting the premises. This was not handled with professionalism. My disability was also not taken into consideration. I knew when I walked in the door that both the office manager nor Jared were remotely welcoming. In fact it was apparent I was wasting their time. Jared high fived an individual n the break room facetiously saying this was his favorite part of working at Pepsi. Either setting me up to fail with his lack of direction or encouragement. No smiles. No conversation. In fact he couldn't answer my questions during the brief interview because he had no knowledge. In addition he spent more time just looking at me prior to interview and taking if my looks were note worthy. I have an impeccable background in customer service as well as 10 years of contracted teaching experience. I have truth on my side, and hadn't been this excited about an opportunity in so long since I was referred by another employee; however, this interview process on the 78th st. location in Indianapolis was discouraging and I have never been treated so poorly.

Scott Jones

Mar 09, 2016

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