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Today is August 25, 2010. And THIS is MY PepBoys horror story.

Having recently purchased a 1997 Infiniti I30, I decided to bring the vehicle to my local PepBoys on Indiantown Road, in Jupiter, Florida for the advertized free brake inspection. After an hour of waiting for the car to find its way into one of the 6 empty bays, (yes, I counted them), I waited another hour for a "mechanic" to pull 4 tires, look at brakes, replace tires, inspect a master cylander and inspect the brake lines.

The mechanic, after inspecting my car, (more like sizing me up for the short con), told the service manager my car required the following repairs. Well to save time and space I can make it short and sweet. The mechanic told his supervisor to advise me that I need what amounted to an entire new front end. As in: both axles, sway bars, rack and pinion linkage, I mean, the whole enchilada. They told me I needed to virtually rebuild my undercarriage in the front end. And the estimated cost was $1, 200.

Luckily, I am a creature of habit. I deal with the same people as often as possible. Same girl or guy at the bank, same cashier in the supermarket, same mechanic at the local oil change place... you get the idea.

Feeling completely despondent and dejected, I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I was ripped off by one of my fellow americans in a used car deal. But as I do with everything, I thought about it. I had a nagging feeling and this inner desire to "second guess" the "professionals". So, I took the car, despite being left afraid to even drive it, to my oil change guy and asked him if he could as a courtesy, offer me a second opinion and tell me what his evaluation is. I did not tell him where I came from or what I was told. I basically told him that I think I made a bad purchase because I believe I need an entire new front undercarriage.

As it turns out, there is in fact a need for repairs under my front end. However, the "extensive" repairs required on my vehicle is a new axle assembly on my passenger side and I could stand to get a round of bushings just to be thorough about it. The cost to the public for this part at the local Advance Auto Parts? (drum roll please) $69.00 plus tax. What price did PepBoys give me for the same exact part? $ 119.00 plus tax PLUS labor estimated at $210.00 to install it. At the moment, I am not aware of what the bushings will cost me.

My oil change guy sent me to a mechanic he knows and refers many customers to. He told me directly and up front that the mechanic is a little more expensive than a lot of people but he will not put you in an Iron Maiden while he repairs your car using the Hayne's Manual for Sabotage. Having accepted that I am going to pay a little more than I could elsewhere, I wasted no time running over to the recommended mechanic's shop. I explained to him what it is believed to be going on based on what his friend who runs the oil change place had told me. Without leaving his desk or even looking at my car he quoted me a price of $225.00 installed with a 12 month/12, 000 mile parts and labor guarantee/warranty. That's right, parts and labor for free if his work proves substandard..

I have as of this day decided that I will not even drive into a PepBoys parking lot ever again. I have also decided that I will urge friends and family to avoid PepBoys and walk before buying a part from them.

Jim from Jupiter, Fla.

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  • La
      Sep 01, 2010

    what did you expect?. You went to Pep Boys for Christ sake, PEP BOYS, with an Infinity for a FREE anything. Did you think that they were going to say, you bought a great hunk of poop and we will do all the work for free AND give you the parts to boot. PEP BOYS, really? They saw you coming a mile away. Did you really think that you were getting something for free because you graced them with your cheapness? You get what you pay for sweetie!. I'm still amazed by people like you, you buy an expensive to fix vehicle and for repairs you go to the lowest bidder and expect the best work from kids just out of a one year automotive tech school. good luck with that!

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  • Wa
      Jan 11, 2012

    Wait so you wrote this long story bashing pepboys about there price, and turn around and pay more than what they were going to do it for? That sounds logical. And there is tax and labor on anything you have done to a vehicle, so why you even complained about that is beyond me. Your an idiot. If you don't like paying for labor learn to do it yourself or quit complaining about it

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  • Ra
      Feb 21, 2016

    Waaaa you must have not had your glasses on because Pep Boys was going to charge "$1200.00" dollars where as the mechanics friend was only going to charge $225.00 for the complete job but i can understand the miss read because the 1 in 1200 is on the line above the 200.00 part...but this " [protected]@u.[censored] " you're nothing more than a trolling ### or cu^t which ever one fits you because you hide behind that stupid name...I'm sure its you that is a goat farmer because when the goats are out to pasture you have nothing to do but troll along the message boards putting people down...didn't your mother teach you that if you don't have anything nice to say to just keep your mouth shut. ...or did you not have a mother being a test tube baby...haha...well i know this won't stop you from running you mouth but maybe you should think before you open that cum bucket mouth of yours next time

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  • Co
      Nov 30, 2016

    I have a landscaping site called and I can't imagine ever treating my customers like this. I guess that's what happens when you go from local to a national franchise.

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