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Pennon Inc. / Unbearable living conditions

1 2045 3rd AvenueEast Moline IL, IL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 309-269-1169

Anyone that would be looking for a place to rent, make sure its not and one of Pennon, Inc.'s properties, especially McKinley Hill Apartments.
Here is a detailed list of why you do not want to live there:
1. Roof leaks into the hallways, and into almost every apartment here and they do absolutely nothing to remedy the problem.
2. Because of all the water damage that has been caused by the roof which is in horrible disrepair, there is black mold growing throughout the building, especially in the gym, which they say is free and able to be used by the residents...what is completely false! The gym is a storage area for all of the personal items that Pennon Inc. steals from residents that can not pay there bill in full when they move out. They take your belongings and do not give them back and they kick you out in less than 30 days and your stuff gets taken sometimes 3 days after an eviction notice is on the door.
3. There are bugs all over the property and they do not spray adequately enough to keep up with the problem.
4. In the winter there is no heat, if your lucky enough to get heat a few days out of the winter, they have the bolier turned up full blast and the apartments get to over 100 degrees. Most apartments have no regulator on the heat so it just blazes out like fire, oh that leads me to another item, the exposed copper piping that gets so hot that you could fry an egg on the pipe in less than a minute, people have been severly burned from these exposed pipes that have no protective covering on them.
5. There are not enough fire extinguishers in the building or they are missing.
6. They lie to you and say you get "FREE" Dish TV and DSL Intenet. You get nothing free, you have to give them $100 for the box and half the time the DISH does not work and the internet is not properly connected so most of the apartments that paid for the DISH box can't even use the internet or get TV because either the landlord does not pay the bill on time, or it just plain does not work because there staff installed the wiring and not DISH!
7. There are only a few apartments that have land line wiring in their apartments which could be bad in case of emergency where the police would need to be called.
8. The one smoke detector they have on the upper floor of the building does not even have working batteries in it and just hangs from the ceiling, there are not enough alarms in the hallways for as many apartments as are in the building.
9. The laundry room has 3 small washers and 3 small dryers, 2 of which actually work, they are constantly in disrepair and do not get fixed or work. They also only have these few washers for 2 floors of apartments and 14 units of people.
10. When you put in requests to have things in your apartment fixed, you either wait for months and months for things to get fixed, or they just do not fix them at all.
11. When water damages your unit, they do not repair anything from the water damages to the unit and the water just sits and ends up molding because they expect you to pay for the clean up from their disrepaired property.

People are afraid to say anything because they have no where else to go but I have already gotten out of there thankfully and want to wrote about this slum and the slumlord that runs it so the people there can get something done so they can have a better life in that run down place! This is not the only Pennon, Inc. property there has been complaints about either, from what the new is, all of their properties are in horrible disrepair and they could care less! Its time the building inspectors and fire inspectors get involved so these people will have a safe place to live and if they can not fix it, they should pay to relocate all of these people!

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  • Je
      21st of Jul, 2009
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    Yeah, I went to go and view the apartments there over at McKinley and the place is a freakin dump and there is probably more wrong with that place then even the person that posted that comment wrote about.

  • Je
      21st of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi ho hi ho in this dump you sure do not want to go!!!

  • Je
      21st of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I took a piss out in front of this stupid place because they did not even have a restroom for me to use when I went there to see my man! I am glad my man and I are not there and have to put up with that dump anymore! We got rained on when we slept in Apartment 7 and from what I hear the place has gotten worse and worse since we moved out!

  • Je
      21st of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    If you want your address to be 11 dumb dumb, go ahead and rent a unit at this dump site! Don't believe me then take a tour of the dump!

  • Be
      22nd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    i lived in the apartments in hampton and in the bathroom there was mold all over the walls. they told us that they have to scrap off the paint then paint over it and put new caucking in the bathroom. they just painted over the mold on the was and didnt fix the cauking in the bathroom. i was 7 months pregnant at the time. then, when it was 2 weeks to my due date our fridge broke, we called the landlord and the maintenence guy right away. neither of them answered, or returned my call after i left numerous messages on both or their answering machines. the maintenence man randomly showed up at our apartment said that he would call the appliance store and get us a new fridge by the next morning. we didnt have a fridge for 4 DAYS. all of our food went bad, we didnt have enough money to go out to eat, so basically for 4 days i was starving. mind you it was 2 WEEKS before i was supposed to deliver my son.

    im finding all the complaints on Bob Simmons as i can and bringing him to the health department and the housing authorities. hopefully everyone in the apartments with horrible living conditions will get some justice

  • No
      20th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Way to go bertskees22! We just all went together today and filed an online complaint against Pennon Inc with the building inspector! I sure hope that something gets done because Robert Simmons and his entire staff are a freakin joke! They do nothing about fixing anything, there all about the money! As a matter of fact the 3 people they have working for them are actually criminals themselves and we have gone onto the Rock Island County Official website and run their names. Some have drug charges, theft charges, one is a registed sex offender and the list just keeps going on and on! You should check out that county site and print it out and we should all find an attorney that would take our case in a class action lawsuit against Pennon Inc.!!!

    It is time that someone pays for making people live in these conditions it is just not right!

  • Gl
      15th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree 110% that something needs to be done to the owners of Pennon, Inc. on a legal standpoint! Everything that was said in all of these posts is true and its getting worse and worse to live in any of his properties! They do not check people's backgrounds like they claim to do and how could you even employ these people to check someone's background when their own backgrounds have crimes, including felonies on them! Do not trust your property or apartments with these people either! When I lived there, one of the residents rims were stolen and it was done by one if the people still employed with Pennon, Inc. unfortunately, the police can not arrest on heresay but many know that the woman that works there was the one that had people come and steal the rims off one of the residents vehicles when they were not home and them called them later to tell them she called the police and to come home. Just scandelous!

    I am so glad my husband and I took our 2 kids and got out of that hell hole of a place they call an apartment building in East Moline. McKinley Hill Apartments. It is the most run down crime infested place we had ever lived in our entire time of renting! We never felt safe in that building and most of the other residents there have not felt safe living there either! They worry about things that should not even matter and things that should, like the high crime in the building and with their own staff, they could care less about and sweep in under the rug! If anyone is looking for a place to live, we would strongly suggest that you do not rent from any of the Pennon Inc. properties! Our only hope is that soon, this slumlord and his staff will be seen for the crooks they are and shut down and all of his slummy properties will be torn down or turned over to responsible people that can run a safe building for all!

  • An
      28th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I just got done reading all of the complaints against Pennon, Inc. and I have to say, I can also agree with each and every post written here! I was also a resident in the past at the McKinley Hill Apartments, in East Moline, IL.

    I still can't believe that nothing has been done to this owner, Robert Simmons, his dishonest manager, Laina Cook, or his lazy maintenance men Matt and Mike. This place is such a sham!

    When my husband and I first came to check out the apartments, we actually thought the place would be ok for a while since we had no where else to go and we needed a place to live quickly. Well I wish we would have never moved into that place! There were mice and roaches in the building that had not been properly taken care of, the roof leaked all of the time into the apartments and into the gym and hallways, and from what we understand, from running into some people we had known there that had lived there longer than us, the place is getting worse and worse by the day!

    I just can't understand how the building inspector and the fire marshall can allow this place to remain open with the major issues they have with the disrepair of the property. We were so afraid because of the water leakage from the roof that it would one day cave in on us; then we had the problem with the heat, that heat issue is a joke! They never have the heat on in that building unless its 20 below outside and even then your lucky if they turn the heat on. There were no fire extinguishers in the entire building, the mold there caused me to have several asthma attacks that I never experienced before moving into that mold infested place and would like to say since moving out I have not had an asthma attack since.

    My main concern is as others posted here, that something will be done to the owner, Robert Simmons and his staff to make them get that building up to code and there will be some justice for the poor people that still have to live in that horrible place!

    I would also like to add that I too went to the Rock Island County Official website and put in the names of the workers there and I too found out that they have criminal records. These people not only are slumlords, but they are deceptive. Con artist usually can talk a good game and these people act sweet so they can coax you into moving in. They get your money and !! BAM !! from that day on, good luck because if you need something fixed, your not going to get it...if you have a problem and try to talk to the owner, you get yelled at, or ignored, you will be lucky to get out of there with your life, and your belongings.

    Take the advice of myself, my husband and others that posted here and DO NOT RENT FROM PENNON INC. PROPERTIES, you will regret it!

  • Ta
      29th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    i totally agree... i also live in a pennon inc owned trailor park... dont feel bad we get crapped on just like you... the health department is all over the owner because the trailor park is totally not up to code.. oh and the owner got a million dollar grant to up date the sewer system and water lines in the trailor park.. he use the grant to buy the apartments that you are talking about in this complaint... barstow trailor park use to be a great place to live before pennon inc bought it.. there was never any troubles and the roads were always taken care of i just looked a lot better... now we might as well say we have dirt roads (use to be gravel), hardly any trailors left bc the maintance people would rather kick you out so they can take your trailor and tear it down to pocket the money, the old office that use to be nice looks like a run down shack, we have anckle to shin deep sewage in our yards, sewage that backs up in our trailors, seriously other peoples feces come up your pipes into your sink, tub, and toilet, they are never around to fix anything... uugh soooo gross! now the health department filed a law suit against pennon inc bc of all the sewage problem.. if pennon inc dont fix the problem (which they wont) the health department is shutting down the trailor park due to our SLUMLORD...

  • No
      28th of Apr, 2013
    0 Votes

    Yeah I agree with all of the comments I rented an apartment from pennon inc in 1997. It was on 12th street and second ave in silvis. The thermostat was broken all winter and I froze my butt off all winter it didn't even get fixed untill april of 1998 plus the place was rundown and damaged to top it all off he took me to court and sued me for a 1, 000 dollars. I have never paid him and I will, he can kiss my ###.

  • Sl
      19th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    My family currently lives in an apartment in the McKinley hill apartments. When we first viewed the apt. It looked OK on the surface. Since moving in we've been having nothing but problems with leaking water and mold. We've had heath problems from the mold. They never "fix" anything. Right now my kitchen faucet is broken and I have to turn the hot water off under the sink every time I need it. We even bought a new faucet and it's not been fixed yet. We've saved all texts since moving in and we're ready to get the law involved. The fact that five years have gone by since the original posting and that these things are still going on is criminal. We want out of our lease and so do a lot of our neighbors. We worry about how we can do this legally and still get our $750 deposit back. Any help with resources will be appreciated.

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