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Penn Warranty Corporation / Rip off

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My transmission is slipping to the point where the car does not move. I had it towed to a dealer where they contacted Penn Warranty which I have never used since I purchased it in 10/05 and they said they would need a diagnostics done and would have to know what parts exactly need to be replaced. Penn Warranty does not pay for diagnostics even though they request them. It was 9 hrs labors to tear this trans down. $850.00 out of my pocket then they would decide if they would cover the repair not the diagnostics. This is the loop hole in the contract. Not everyone has $850.00 to shell out and then hope they will cover parts and labor. What a rip off. When I called I talked to 3 people up to the supervisor which was really arrogant to me and said it was stated in my contract diagnostics are not covered. I paid $700.00 for this warranty for nothing.

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  • Jc
      2nd of Mar, 2009
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    Let me guess, his name was Jim or something. This guy was an arrogant puke, who didn't even have the courage to talk with me on the phone.

  • Li
      8th of Apr, 2009
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    We bought a Penn Warranty with a 2000 Dodge Durango in October 2008. By January 2009 the transmission went out. We were able to drive it to the repair shop, so at least we didn't have to pay for a tow. When called for authorization they told our mechanic the same thing. We would have to pay out of pocket $795 for the tear apart to tell them exactly which part was going bad. And then if they did agree to cover it, they would only approve a "Used" transmission. Not "Re-Manufactured". Basically get one out of a junk car and hope it works. Plus the bad transmission caused metal shavings to get into the radiator so that had to be replaced as well. In the end we chose to pay for a Re-Manufactured transmission with a 3 year warranty. Now the Durango won't start and the problem is the ignition wire was sitting on the manifold and it melted. After making us wait for 24 hours for a decision they decided that wires are covered under normal wear and tear so they won't cover it. I am so fed up with this piece of crap warranty, but don't know what we can do. Any suggestion.

  • An
      4th of May, 2009
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    I bought a used vehicle with a WARRANTY from Penn Warranty - NOT a "Service Contract". For all intents and purposes, they are a RIP OFF organization. Within a week of the purchase teh transmission began slipping, to the point the car vehicle would not move. They told me my claim was no good because it was a "pre-existing" problem; that the company had not yet "accepted" the warranty. No "Inspector" from teh Penn Warranty Comapny ever came to the repair shop to check out the situation. At this writing, this claim is still in dispute. But I went to the Dealer, and told them the above statements; I called the company: I emailed the company: I searched other complaint sites and got the total number of complaints listed on each. I kept "shaking the trees" (dealer, and Pe nn Warranty Company.) Latest call from dealer said the company was going to "put together some figures"... We'll see.

    Penn Warranty is listed with the BBB in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. WHY? You can write to them; also the PA state Consumer Advocate; the City BBB where you bought the vehicle and the State Consumer Advocate. List your complaint on ALL the Consumer Complaint Websites, including [redacted].com, and It should be illegal how they word their contract - with all the double-talk, evasiveness and tricky wording!!!

  • At
      21st of Aug, 2009
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    I just got done doing the Transmission claim thing also. My fianance company required a warranty to go with it, or they wouldn't fianance it. What a joke. $1980 for my jeep warranty, jeep lasted 6 weeks and transmission started slipping. I babied it to a shop. Penn only covers $75 an hour labor, no shop around here worth going to charges under $90 an hour. The warranty only covers up to $2, 500, that is just over the parts needed to repair it. They finally decided to put a USED transmission in it. Cost of transmission $800. With no real knowledge of whether or not it was good. Thay had already agreed to pay about $1100 total to repair it so I had the shop rebuild my existing transmission and covered the difference. So after paying them $1980 for a warranty, I still had to pay about $1300 to fix my Jeep. The upshot is I know this shop will stand behind thier work, just wish I wasn't paying interest on the almost $2000 I paid, just think for $300 more I couldhave gotten it fixed without em and save almost $1000. Rip off yes, but we signed the stupid contract so we shot ourselves. If a fianance company ever tries to make me get a warranty again I'll tell them I will go somewhere else.

  • Ta
      20th of Sep, 2010
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    100 % totally agree this company should be checked and shut down out of business for poor consumers and taking advantage of highly, hard working citizens.

  • Mi
      19th of Oct, 2010
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    I will never again buy a warranty from this company. Their wording of their contract gets them out of every possible claim. This company uses smoke and mirrors to decieve individuals into buying their warranties. Trying to get through to someone in customer service is a joke. When you do finally get them on the phone they are rude and before you can even tell them the issue with your vehicle they state that it's, "Not covered." Wow, I wish I had my $1, 800 back so I could buy a "REAL" warranty. Please save yourself a lot of heartache and stress and do not buy their warranties.

  • Jo
      12th of Mar, 2011
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    Thanks for all input. I was ready to renew until I read all these complaints and rip offs.

  • Je
      27th of Nov, 2014
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    Roadside service is a joke. I am a single mom of 2 kids and was headed out to see family for Thanksgiving and got a flat tire. I called the company and their answering service says, "In reserve of the holiday we are closed. Thank you. Good bye." and then it hangs up on u. So I was left stranded on the side of the interstate with my kids and no help!!! I called the police department and the only help they would give me was to offer a towing service. PWC contract says 24 hour roadside assistance but this doesn't cover HOLIDAYS!!! So don't travel and expect to be able to use your roadside assistance with this company!!! What a joke!

  • An
      27th of Nov, 2014
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    I'm surprised the company is still in business! After my fiasco with them, I managed to get back some money...after about 8 months... letters were written to the BBB in WIlkes Bare; the BBB in the State where I bought the Vehicle; the citizens complaint board of the county; The Citizens complaint board in NJ and PA. Their "Lawyer" works out of a post office box (no office) somewhere in PA. My situation was handled be the County Consumer Complaint board, and after about 8 months I received what I expected (about 50% of the transmission repair cost), and a refund of the charges for paid the phony warranty. All my paperwork was retained, and the cell phone record of the calls on the day of the transmission failure, and subsequent failures helped prove that the first incident happened within Penn Warranty's "wait to go into effect date". Keep rattling their tree. Make as much noise as you can. Document your calls, letters, etc. It might take sometime, but your MIGHT get some satisfaction... Good Luck. A NJ Senior Citizen.

  • Dk
      4th of Jan, 2015
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    I got a two year warranty plan when i got a Chevy Tahoe. I had the Tahoe for 6 months and it was wrecked a young fellow ran out in front of it with his truck and damaged the front in of the Tahoe. 4000.00 in damages. His insurance had to pay for the damage to the Tahoe but I was not happy with the repairs to the Tahoe. I traded the Tahoe in on a new 2015 Chevy 2500 truck and this company wound not refund any of my money i paid for the warranty. so I had it for 6 months didn't use it and I no longer have the Tahoe or the money paid for the warranty. I had to get a lot of paper work together to dispute this like trade in info accident report police report insurance claim and send it to them for nothing. THE PENN WARRANTY CORPORATION WILL NEVER EVER GET ANOTHER PENNY FROM ME. I hope this gets all over the world and they do go business.

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