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A letter was sent out to me concerning a debt. On Tuesday, July 14, 2015, at 09:15 a.m. Eastern Time a phone call was placed to your customer service department, by my POA. Because I was seriously injured in an automobile accident, it was recommended by physicians to have someone assist with daily and stressful activities, i.e., collections. The first rep introduced themselves, and then my POA explained “I am calling on behalf of said person as her POA to resolve this debt. However in order to do so I just need to know the name and address of the Chief Financial Officer.” After much debate on why I need this information and why I could not just make the payment with them. I inform the rep “I am registered through the UCC and in order to pay from my corporate account I need to send the CFO the financial statements and addendum along with the other required documents so we are able to get the account resolved." I was then put on hold and another rep was transferred to me and I had to explain the whole reason for the call and that I just needed the CFO name and address. At this point the second rep was clearly agitated and rudely stated “I’m just going transfer you to a supervisor, ‘cause I don't know what you are talking about." and without saying “hold please” the line went blank. Once the first supervisor (Shawn /Sean Folley) got on the line, I again explained who I was, what I needed so I could resolve this persons debt. He was extremely displeased. Stating things like “I don't know why and I have never heard of this" we don't have one of those (CFO). So when I repeated what he said and also reminded him that my line is also a secured line and is being recorded, he continued an unpleasant and hostile rant about the CFO doesn't have authority over this matter and there is nothing I can do but just pay so how do I want to handle it, and he gave the various payment options. I again told him I just need the CFO name and address to do so. I also explained that he may not be familiar with this process because it is not for his level of employment and that's why I am asking for CFO information. Somehow the lines were disconnected, so I commenced to call back, this time when I gave my information to the rep, she immediately transferred me to another supervisor (a women). As I began to explain everything over again, but before I can speak; she was speaking over me, loud talking me, I guess to show authority. When I tried to finish speaking she just talked louder. Bringing attention to how rude in her tones demeanor over the phone and her voice inflection; I stated I am the client trying to resolve an issue so why are you taking this so personal?” She then stated that " Let’s get this straight you are not my client!", with much attitude, hostility and arrogance. Needless to say I have not gotten any information I have requested from them just continuous unprofessionalism, rude and disrespectful behavior. I am hoping that this is looked into and addressed immediately. A letter of apology would also suffice. I did manage to get ID numbers and names of all those I can into contact with that morning., : Shawn or Sean Folley #13, Jeremy Zook #574, Megan Brapcho #539 and melody Gaskins #26..Please be advised a copy of this complaint will be mailed to corporate office, my attorneys and other parties involved in this case. irst call was at 09: a.m. eastern.

Jul 14, 2015

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