PC Richard & Sonsalesman joe botros calls me just as casual and breezy sounding as he says.

Long story short. I purchased a new washer and dryer. The washer didn't work when I got it home. I called my salesman after I called p c richard & son repair center and was told I wouldn't get an appointment for a repair for four days. My salesman Joe Botros Jr. 8246 stated he knew the head of the repair service department, had his phone number and would have him at my house early the next morning. I asked twice to be sure as this seemed too good to be true.

My salesman again assured me by guaranteeing he would have the repairman there FIRST THING IN THE MORNING.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Paramus, NJWe're up and waiting at 12:30pm since they start repairs at 1pm.
At 1pm STILL WAITING. Finally get hold of actual STORE MANAGER JAMES who states that the salesperson doesn't have the authority to set up repairman. I told store manager James whole story, he asked to call me back as he would look into it. In the meantime, Salesman Joe Botros calls me just as casual and breezy sounding as he says "Oh, my friend who does the repairs? I've been trying to call him and can't get him, he must be out already. I bring up that his manager James said he didn't have the authority to handle repairs. Salesman Joe Botros became snotty and said HIS MANAGER DID HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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