PC Richard & Son / in a matter of five minutes (not even), the fridge is still making the same sound.

317 Route 17 South, Paramus, NJ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-201- 262-7676

I purchased a French door fridge for $3, 000. When it was delivered, they said that the water will work in a while and make ice, then, they left. The fridge never made ice and the water never came out. Then, the food started to freeze along with the milk and other dairy products. The main computer was dead. They sent a repairman over and they fixed the ice maker and water. But the computer continued to not work and our food kept on freezing in the fridge.We complained to the company and they sent us another fridge. When it arrived, it was damaged on the outside. I didn't pay $3, 000 for a damaged fridge! A few days later, they sent us a third fridge and in three months, it started to break down. I have video proof of what is going on with the fridge. When I called the paramus store to have service done to it, a guy came in and said "You have too much food in your fridge that is why it is dripping and condensation is forming." Are you kidding me? How dumb do they think I am?
Then, I rescheduled another service by the manager James from the paramus store. They never showed up. I went to the store again and they scheduled another appointment for between 10-1 PM but they never showed up. I called up the main store and complained so they sent someone over around 2:20 PM. He said that there is a piece of ice cube in the compartment causing the noise. He took it out and left. In a matter of five minutes (not even), the fridge is still making the same sound. I am sick and tired of this. Either I get my money back or I am going to court and make it seen on national TV. I am warning the people out there not to do business with P.C. Richards

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