Paschall Truck Lines / Fired

631 f.m Murray Kentucky, Murray Kentucky, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 2703333333

I started 12/02/2014.I went out with a driver by the mame Clyde Johnson 16415 everything was okay until he kept yelling at me keep in mine I am new to trucking industry so I got tired and express how I felt about getting yelled at by a white person bout time my miles was up I am think cause I am a female he thought I was going to give him play keep in mine he has no teeth he a truck driver thats very nasty barely washed his ### you think I would give you time of the day hell no I am assuming he got his pride hurt so he went to to tell his dispatch a lie so they let me go so since then I been with out work no luck none what so ever so what I am trying to say that is a red neck ### company the workers are rude they act like they own the company my name is jachal if you wondering pasc. Company I hope clyde get what he deserve if he smoke one more cigarette he going to pass out

Jan 18, 2015

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