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July 3, 2016

Hello Concerned Reader:

Thank you for arriving at this letter and reaching this information.

If you are an existing business partner, vendor, shipper, consignee, or customer of Paschall Truck Lines (PTL), you need to be aware of the detailed and verifiable information provided in this letter of warning.
This is not a mindless ranting and raving.
I hope this letter supports the thousands of existing legal and pecuniary claims currently out there against PTL.
I hope this letter finds its way into existing and future claimants' Class action lawsuits, and I hope righteous justice prevails against Paschall Truck Lines' criminal enterprise.

If you are considering leasing your truck to PTL, or being employed by Paschall Truck Lines, you need to be aware of the following information so that you are making a fully informed and wise decision, and I hope, I will save thousands of future PTL drivers from being criminally defrauded millions of dollars.

Unlike every carrier I know of, PTL DISPATCHES its Owner-Operators. The Owner-Operator will never see a Load Board, will never pick his loads, trip revenues, types of cargo, or areas to operate in. And some of your dispatched loads are Critical, with barely enough time to hurry there on time, but they do not pay Critical Rates to the driver.
There is no way for the Owner-Operator leased to PTL, to know what the actual freight rate is being paid to PTL, therefore, there is no way for the driver to know how much PTL is cheating us revenue, off the top (Hence the rumors of Class Action lawsuits against PTL).

None of the Fuel Surcharge is paid to the owner-operator who is the only one paying for the diesel in his or her truck; it is 100% retained by Paschall Truck Lines, otherwise unheard of, in the trucking industry.

The PTL's Independent Contractor Agreement has a $5, 000.00 Early Termination Fee, that the Lease Purchase Owner-Operator owes PTL should the driver leave PTL prior to NINE FULL MONTHS from the Agreement's execution date, payable from your last two week's Net Settlements.
PTL's Mr. Russ Usher DID NOT ALLOW any of the 24 new contractors in my group, time to read, understand, or legally consult with others concerning anything that is in the Agreement, despite our having to sign the Agreement, including our declaration (in the Agreement) that we did have time to read, understand, consult, etcetera (which is not true).
To the contrary:
When speaking with my recruiter earlier before coming to Murray, KY from Pennsylvania, I specifically asked for a generic, blank version of the contract to read and review ahead of time, and the recruiter said that that was not allowed.

Later, one IC in our Orientation asked Mr. Usher, could he read the contract BEFORE he/we all had to sign it, and Mr. Usher responded forcefully, "You can read the Agreement AFTER you sign it."
None of the 24 Contractors in my Orientation group knew about the Early Termination Fee or any of the other details, when they signed the contract (Mr. Usher did not go over each, or any of the paragraphs, and none of the 10 pages of the Agreement, or the 3 page Appendix A, or the 3 page Appendix B: 16 pages in its entirety).
(Ref: Paschall Truck Lines, Inc. Independent Contractor Service Agreement, Section VI. TERM/TERMINATION, subsection 6.04 Contractor's Obligations upon Termination., paragraph (d) on page 8.)

Also in that same Agreement, page 9, Section VII. ADMINISTRATIVE MATTERS., subsection 7.03 Dispute Resolution, paragraphs (a) thru (f):
Independent Contractors are essentially barred from suing PTL, where all matters are to be instead, arbitrated.
But the Agreement goes on to contradict itself in a number of ways, and essentially allows PTL to sue us in courts, even though we waived our legal rights to our legal due process by our signing the Agreement.

The joke is, much of that legalese mumbo-jumbo is at least in part, meaningless.
ICs, as with any other lawful citizen, cannot, regardless of signature waiving rights, or intent, CANNOT surrender Constitutionally guaranteed rights (legal included) as a citizen of the United States of America.
So, despite the less-than-honorable, less-than-noble efforts of PTL's crafty corporate attorneys, PTL's chicanery will eventually see its days, and its demise, in court.

Paschall Truck Lines (PTL) of Murray, Kentucky does not pay its Independent Contractors (ICs) for Orientation.
Contractors must also pay PTL $25 for their urine analysis test regardless of passing or failing, and $75 for the DOT physical, which is deducted from your first week's s ettlement.
You already owe PTL money, the day you show up for Orientation.
Most drivers arrive to Murray, KY not knowing that, because their recruiters are intentionally not telling them.

When ICs elect to be paid 70% of the Truck or Load Revenue, actual pay per dispatch mile averages only somewhere between less than one dollar to slightly over one dollar.
I averaged only $0.90 per mile for one full week in June 2016.

PTL falsely claims on one outdoor public poster in front of their Murray, KY main terminal, $1.15 per mile, including FSC, for all miles loaded and empty. FALSE.
PTL has another false public advertising poster in front of their drop yard west of Indianapolis, Indiana (contradicting the first one) that PTL pays an average $1.23 (or a $1.32?) per mile including FSC for all miles empty and loaded, but again, that is not even close to being truthful.

FACTS: My first 4 weeks: (What you can expect if you drive for PTL as an O/O)
I leased my Quality Companies 2016 International ProStar+ and after arriving at the PTL terminal in Murray, KY it had 71, 434 miles on it.
Exactly four weeks later, at the end of the weekly pay period, my odometer reading was 86, 150 miles.
I had driven my truck 14, 716 legal miles, without cheating, verified by Qualcomm. That is a fairly impressive four-week average of 3, 679 miles per week.
But during that same 4 week period, PTL's 'dispatch or 'paid' miles' was only 10, 678 for the entire month.
None of these miles were unpaid home time.
I never requested, nor was I given any home time so there are no out-of-route miles in these numbers except for a few exits missed occasionally.
That means that in that one month, I drove 4, 038 miles for PTL mid-May to mid-June 2016, that PTL did NOT pay me for.
Or in other words, PTL did not pay me for over one thousand miles per week!
Calculated differently, PTL only paid me for 72.56% of my miles driven.
27.44% (more than one-fourth) of my actual miles were not paid by PTL.

Two recent individual loads further prove this point:
First - PTL Dispatch sent me a load that the Qualcomm message said was 813 paid or dispatch miles. Load and route planning with my updated Rand McNally GPS informed me that that load was actually 1, 017 miles.
Having my CDL-A with all possible endorsements since 1998, plus passport, plus TWIC card, I am not a trucking newbie nor am I completely stupid.
For the first time ever, I rejected this load.

In turn, Fleet Manager Morgan, after arguing with me on Qualcomm, gave me a different load, which I knew was even worse than the load I just rejected, but I took it anyway, because I knew I was quitting and this load got me closer to Murray, KY where I had to turn in all the company's equipment.

Second - From east of Trenton, NJ to live load and waiting in Hanover, PA; to live unload at Wal-Mart DC in Sutherland, VA and six more hours waiting to get first stop unloaded; then on to Midway, TN Wal-Mart DC, wait another more than 4 hours to get unloaded, the ACTUAL (GPS) miles were 146 + 229 + 364 = 739, but again, PTL only paid - 578.

By the way, twice, twice during this same one-month period, my dispatcher had me confirm two different Preplan loads. At different times, in both cases, these loads were then cancelled enroute, after I drove most of the empty miles to those designated Shipper pickup locations, only then to be told, no, stop, cancel that load, need you to do [this] other load.

In both cases, these loads were completely in the opposite direction, forcing me to retrace the same miles and highways going the opposite direction I had done an hour or so earlier, to get to my new Shipper. So, whereas I could have driven maybe 87 miles northeast, instead I had driven 34 miles south and west, only to come back another 34 east and north, and then drove the 87 miles northeast.
This happened to me twice in about ten days. All this of course, without compensation, and not much of an apology or sympathy from my Fleet Manager, if any.
Sitting for 31.5 hours not making money, not getting credit for a full 34-hour reset on the weekend because dispatched delivery times did not allow for a full 34-hour reset, and then me running out of my 70 hours in the middle of the workweek, and being forced to take a full 34-hour reset starting on Wednesday, and doing this two-three consecutive weeks, guarantees you will not make miles, and you will lose money with PTL.

Brief summary of my 'earnings':

1st week: Revenue $43.19 later changed to $290.44 buried inside the third week's settlement.
2nd week: Revenue $1, 230.49, minus deductions of $1, 235.32
3rd week: Revenue $1, 761.36, minus deductions of $1, 233.75
4th week: Revenue $1, 382.81, minus deductions of $1, 233.75
5th week: Revenue $1, 816.58, minus deductions of $1, 338.33
6th week: Revenue $2, 333.05, minus (est.) deductions of $1, 333.05, minus fuel (est.) $1, 000.00
7th week: Revenue $2, 239.70, minus (est.) deductions of $1, 338.33, minus fuel (est.) $1, 127.94

Actual Deposits to me on my Comdata card (not including reimbursements of my own money spent on CAT scale tickets:
1st week: $39.19
2nd week: $461.47
3rd week: $737.61
4th week: $149.06
5th week: $478.25
6th week: $0.00
7th week: $0.00

Total PTL pay for seven weeks work: $1, 865.58
(That is what an owner-operator should be clearing after all expenses in one week, but never will happen with PTL.)
Average per week revenue: $266.51 paid to the driver, while PTL is pocketing thousands.

Out of that, I paid twice out-of-my-pocket for fuel, paid for other items including new wiper blades, engine oil, 5th wheel grease, windshield wiper fluid and other items, which drops my weekly average below $200, and from that I still owe Federal and State income tax, and double FICA tax.
That brings me down to an earnings of maybe $14.00 per day.

Believe it or not, I lasted longer than most owner-operators, and made more money than most.
This is the tragic truth of working for PTL, in addition to having to tolerate their evil lies and false promises.

Another point: There are very few drop-and-hooks with PTL. I had only two drop-and-hook loads in nearly two months with PTL. Both of them were Lumber Liquidators in Sandston, Virginia. Every PTL leased Owner-Operator I spoke to, which were many - said almost every load that we do for PTL, are LIVE LOADS, and LIVE UNLOADS.

This reason alone, makes it impossible for O/Os to make money with PTL's customer base - mostly live load/unloads, a lot of heavy loads (44-45, 000 pounds), lowest paying freight which is left over and passed over by more premium carriers, routes to and through and up and down the mountains of western Kentucky and Tennessee, southeastern Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia, and western North Carolina where you get horrible fuel economies, resulting in much higher fuel costs, and unbearably small net earnings for the owner-operators.
In other words - the SH## LOADS that others do not want, and refuse to take.

Also, at Lumber Liquidators (LL), drivers were forced to pick an empty PTL trailer from among a dozen or so trailers that were all, for one reason or another Out-Of-Service. A bunch were past due on their Annual DOT inspections, others had rusty wheels, lights not working, frayed and dangling electrical wires, holes in the floor and ceiling, dry-rotted tires, and brakes worn thin. These very old PTL trailers sat there for many months on their property because LL, justifiably rejected them, refused to put their products inside them, thereby condemning them. A PTL driver recently took a good trailer that LL was planning on loading the next morning. When LL discovered the good trailer was missing, they complained to PTL, who in turn, sent out a fleet wide message demanding drivers never take empty trailers from LL's docks.
I immediately fired back on the Qualcomm to PTL Management, that if they did not have nothing but SH## for empty trailers at LL, PTL drivers would not be forced to 'steal' good DOT-worthy trailers.

So drivers do not get paid extra for waiting for strict appointment times when you arrive too early, and you do not get paid waiting to get loaded or unloaded, so the company you want to work for should have an extremely high percentage of drop-and-hooks. That is not PTL.

Depending on your source of information, including PTL's website, you may hear them bragging about owning 3, 000 trailers.
The bigger truth is, many of their trailers, if not most, are out-of-service.
How many trailers are at the Murray, Kentucky yard? One-Two hundred? Three hundred? A lot for sure.
But those trailers are 'Rental Trailers for Storage Only' as their big blue labels clearly state.

They are not roadworthy, they are not DOT legal. Every one of those trailers parked in Murray are condemned. Vintage [protected], some maybe older.
Some are missing wheels, missing axles, rusted-through steel wheels, cracked chasses, shattered brake drums, shorted electrical systems, leaking air systems, crash-damaged sidewalls, holes in their roofs / ceilings, collapsed suspensions, holes in their floors, rotted planks, cannibalized and missing parts, and mildewed.

PTL does not have anywhere near the Logistics Capacity they falsely brag to their clients about.
PTL's Murray, Kentucky Terminal is an ABSOLUTE EQUIPMENT GRAVEYARD, a testament to (too little, too late) Failed Capital Re-Investment.

My first day after getting my Quality truck and returning to Murray, after installation of my Qualcomm, etcetera, I was ready to go.
Dispatch said I could not go. He said there were no trailers for me to take so I had to sit and wait.
I challenged him, what do you mean? I'm looking at hundreds of trailers!
He said, yeah, and none of them are any good!
I was shocked, but on closer scrutiny, I recognized what he said was true.
My wait that day, fortunately, was short, lucky me! Other days, there may be 7-12 company drivers in the drivers lounge, some waiting over 5-6 days for a trailer, not making any money.

Because I had resigned and brought a trailer back with me, I was ambushed by a company driver who said he had been waiting over six hours for a good trailer to come in.

This represents an unparalleled and unprecedented management failure - I have worked for maybe 18 companies, most of them in trucking after my twenty years in the U.S. Army.
I have seen and worked for some horrible companies in my past, but I have never seen anything like this before.

PTL only has about 200 ICs, most of whom have been there only a few weeks. Without exception, every Owner-Operator I spoke with during seven weeks, was unhappy, unfulfilled, and unpaid. All were planning their soonest possible exit strategy. All of them reported one or more negative weekly settlements, and none of them ever had a decent settlement.
All of them had horror stories. All of them were broke.
All of them were on the phone every week with Payroll trying to get paid, and trying to fix all the payroll errors that cropped up every week.
PTL is an Owner-Operator's worst nightmare.

Everybody complains their PTL settlements are repeatedly, and grossly incorrect, ALWAYS gypping the driver.
For me, three of my loads were initially wrong but those three were corrected my next week's settlement, without my complaint or intervention.
Another six of my loads were wrong, significantly cheating me a total of $700.95.
Trying to reconcile those loads with PTL's Payroll Division (Ms. Heather Dunn is in charge of Settlements out of the PTL South Annex office in Murray, Kentucky, address below. Other cohorts in crime making up the Payroll Department, Ms. Amanda, Ms. Lisa Lamb, Ms. Casey Bennett, and Ms. Jennifer), she insists she only processes the numbers given to her, that you must take the issue up with Dispatch, in my case, Ms. Morgan.

PTL's South Annex, where the Payroll clerks work
Address 3475 US Highway South is Dr. Dent which is the adjacent property south of PTL's South Annex. (Payroll)
Murray, KY 42071
Satellite Imagery Location: 36 degrees 33' 40.45" North, 88 degrees 19' 09.69" West
Located just south of Murray, KY east of Hwy 641 South, about 0.7 miles north of Midway Road (1828), or north of Taylor Bus Sales.

PTL's Truck Terminal and Corporate Office
3443 US Highway 641S (South 12th Street)
or 111 Max Hurt Drive
Murray, KY 42071 (Calloway County)
Satellite Imagery Location: 36 degrees 39' 28.93" North, 88 degrees 18' 06.52" West
Located north of Murray, KY east of Hwy 641 South, north of Hwy 80, just north of Squire Holland Road

The prime culprit engaged in this PTL corporate fraud scheme is the PTL Dispatch Office, which is covertly stashed away from the rest of the company in a separate location:
(Protected - far away from the thousands of PTL drivers who are repeatedly being ripped off and abused, and have been getting mad.)

PTL Owner-Operator Dispatch Office:
300 Seaboard Lane, #5
Franklin, TN [protected]
Located just 16 miles south on I-65 from Nashville, TN, turn right on Exit 68B, West Cool Springs Blvd., turn right onto Aspen Grove Drive, turn right onto Seaboard Lane.

Currently, the following Owner-Operators' Dispatchers (Company Drivers' Dispatchers are separate) work there:
(with changes almost every week)
Mr. Shane Peyton, VP (in charge of the PTL Dispatch Office)
(he is also father to two of his sons, Dispatchers working for him in his Dispatch Office)
Mr. Alex Peyton
Mr. Chase Peyton
Mr. Kevin Barrett
Mr. Mark Baskin
Ms. Misty Chauffe
Mr. Brantly Cox (probably son of Mr. Paul Cox, VP of Customer Service)
Mr. Joshua Fross
Ms. Tricia Fuller
Mr. Tyler Gallimore
Mr. Brandon Gordley
Mr. Chris Grimaldi
Mr. Marshall Howorka
Mr. Danny Janes
Ms. Sandra Johnson
Ms. Tonya Karpoff
Mr. Shane Moore
Mr. Turner Norsworthy
Ms. Donna Roberts
Mr. David Rossi
Mr. Kenneth Train
Mr. James Wood
Ms. Morgan

On June 30th Ms. Morgan's supervisor and 'Vice President', Mr. Shane Peyton, took the six Trip/Pro numbers from me at 15:25 hours, and told me he was going to have his Ms. Morgan look into it, but the next day when I called Ms. Morgan on July 1st, 2016 at 09:30 hours as per Mr. Peyton's suggestion, she refused to speak any numbers, specific monetary amounts, or Pro numbers.
Essentially, my case was closed.
Ms. Morgan said PTL was not going to pay any more money to me, made reference to "X" pay, whatever that is, said that PTL got paid for those loads less money than they were supposed to, and therefore, I was paid less money for each trip, than I was told that I was going to be paid for that load in the Pre-Plan message, and that is it, no more money - period - end of story.

I very politely and professionally told Ms. Morgan that, it was illegal to tell a driver he was going to be paid, let's say, $1, 253.50, and two weeks later the driver finds out PTL only paid him $1, 050.00 (actual occurred); that is illegal.
Because I created a custom form that tracks all the details of every PTL load I do, I have all the numbers documented. I have photographed Qualcomm screenshots showing the amount the Preplan messages said I was going to be paid, and on top of that, Qualcomm is a third-party vendor.
Qualcomm keeps every message ever sent archived on their servers, and any of those messages can be subpoenaed by a judge of any District Court. When I told Ms. Morgan that, she hung up the phone on me.

Mr. Chase Peyton later confirmed, specifically stating, that we signed a contract saying that we agreed to the $5, 000 Early Termination Fee, therefore, we had no claim against any money properly due.

None of this is unique to me. Every Owner-Operator I met, had all of the exact same complaints against PTL's fraudulent Settlements.

There were at least six loads (listed below) that PTL gypped me on: (There would have been more gypped loads in the last two weeks, but since you do not get Settlements for the last two weeks, and you do not get paid anything for your last two weeks of driving for PTL, there is no way to detail the additional discrepancies that would, no doubt, have occurred.) (This results from the $5, 000 Early Termination Fee mentioned earlier.) They just keep all of your money.
PTL keeps your Maintenance Escrow Account money ($250 for every week worked for PTL, they keep your $500 Qualcomm installation fee, they keep the $19.00 per week that we pay for Quality companies 'Business Advisors' service, even though many of us immediately cancel the service at the beginning, but PTL kept taking the payments out of my Settlements disregarding my cancellation email confirmation letter from Quality Mr. Brad Cox dated 7 June 2016, and PTL keeps all of your Truck Revenue that they intentionally underpaid you.)

Load # 3431 512: Qualcomm dispatch message stated this load was paying me $926.90.
But PTL's settlement states that after paying my $309.32 fuel, only $495.68 was the remaining total trip pay paid to me. Well, add those two numbers, and you get $805.00 even.
So PTL paid me $805 when they were supposed to pay me $926.90, cheating me $121.90 on just this one trip!
(This is according to PTL's own Settlement Summary)

Load # 3438 485: Qualcomm Pre-Plan message said this load was paying $830.30., because I had a broken trailer, that was loaded by the customer in York, PA, then was told by PTL to get the trailer inspected because it was past due, it failed DOT inspection and could not be repaired by that shop, took the trailer back to the customer who had to unload it, then take the bad trailer to another shop who could do the trailing arm linkage bearings, then drove back to Carlisle to pick up another (good) trailer, take it back to the shipper to load me a second time, and then go on with the delivery.
For all this extra work, the Dispatcher added another $107.00 Accessorial Pay (not on the Qualcomm), so the total this load was supposed to pay was $937.30.
Cheated on this load, $147.80.

Load #3438 993: Qualcomm informed me that this load paid $602.60. Two weeks later, PTL's Settlement sheet reported that I was actually paid $525.00, shorting me $77.60.

Load #3441 175: Qualcomm Dispatch message informed me that this load paid $946.45.
PTL's Settlement two weeks later reported that, $287.58 in fuel was taken out, PTL paid me $580.42, gypping me again out of $78.45.

Load # 3445 589: Qualcomm Pre-Plan message said this load was paying $1, 331.70, but PTL only paid $1, 260.00.
Short $71.70.

Load # 3446 556: Qualcomm Pre-Plan message said this load was paying $1, 253.50, but again, PTL paid only $1, 050.00.
Cheated $203.50.

These repeated discrepancies are too numerous to call 'mistakes'; PTL is intentionally defrauding its Owner-Operators.
Also note that, the 'cheated amount' is almost always, an even (rounded) dollar amount, which in transportation accounting, almost never exists.

For one, PTL's accounting methods are called into question.
For two, PTL's Settlement Sheet is insanely, innately, stupid.
A Contractor's Settlement should be so clear, so easily understood, and should be organized in such a way, that even an idiot could make sense of it - knowing exactly what he made, what was spent and deducted, and what was left over to be paid to him and explanations of anything and everything that is out of the norm. IT IS ANYTHING BUT!

By all accounts, PTL's Settlement Summaries raise more questions, and leave more questions unanswered, than it accurately informs.
This creates massive havoc and distrust.
Every week, dozens or more, long phone calls are made to Payroll, by the drivers or their wives, questioning, challenging, arbitrating, arguing, puzzling every over nonsensical Settlements, with insensibly terrible mistakes.

To PTL's President, I would tell him, without intentionally being harsh, your 'system' needs to be re-vamped and modernized, the numbers-crunching needs to be systematized and automated, and the existing staff needs to be fired and replaced. PERIOD! Contract it out to a third-party company that has a sterling reputation if you have to, and bottom line, get it right almost all the time, rather than the current, 20-40% wrong!
Fire all the Executives as well. The executives are aware of the problem, and have no intentions of fixing the problem, due to their self-interest - this fraud benefits PTL's bottom-line, and they are lining their pockets with millions of dollars in fraud.

The bulk of the problem is not PTL making 'accounting mistakes'; PTL is actively engaged in committing acts with criminal intent that knowingly, competently, and vigorously defrauds its Independent Contractors.

PTL deducts $250 of our money, our earnings, per week and places our money into our Maintenance Escrow Accounts.
Four weeks per month, is over $1, 000 per month. Some months have 'five weeks'.
In PTL's Orientation, Mr. Russ Usher told us that if we stayed with PTL more than nine months, and then left the company, PTL would return all of our (unspent) Maintenance Escrow money, BUT, those funds would be released only AFTER waiting another 45 days! 45 Days!
So nine months of your payments into this Maintenance account, might equal $9, 000.
But that is not correct. There are not 12, but 13 weeks per calendar quarter, so nine months is 39 weeks, or $9, 750 in your escrow account. This money the IC never sees- it is deducted and set aside before the weekly Settlements are paid to the IC's.
If you don't stay with PTL for a full nine months, every dollar you put into that account, is forfeited and seized by PTL!

I do not know if that could even be legal, I think not, but that is what we were all told during Orientation.

Escrow means to set aside and be held by an authorized third-party for a specifically designated purpose, operating under (usually a written) agreement or instructions, authorized to act (usually make a payment) on behalf of one party to a second party to, in effect, or in response to, some triggering condition or occurrence.
Escrow funds, belonging to the owner, cannot arbitrarily or otherwise, be seized by the non-owner (in this case, the escrowee).

To make matters even worse:
Last week, a buddy of mine and fellow PTL driver was told rudely by PTL's Maintenance Department that PTL would not authorize the payment of his $149 replaced slack adjuster, because, " do not have [over $3, 000] in your Maintenance Escrow account, therefore, you [driver] must pay for the [maintenance] repair out of your pocket!"
(or words to that same general effect)

This driver had at that time, six weeks with PTL, therefore, his Maintenance Escrow account, like mine, had at least $1, 250 in it at that time, so for PTL to refuse his payment of $149 from his own $1, 250 escrow maintenance account, designated specifically for that purpose, is shockingly bizarre, infuriating, and wrong!

Just before I left PTL, extremely uneven wear occurred on both of my front steer tires on my new Quality tractor. I had only driven those tires 18, 000 miles, and both tires were trashed despite proper tire inflation pressures. It might have been caused by a wheel alignment or bad shocks issue, but cause was unknown. The tractor only had 89, 000 miles on it, so it was supposed to be too new for wheel bearings, steering, or other suspension components, or whatever, to be the cause, but I do not know the truck's history prior to my lease purchasing it at 71, 000 miles.

So with the truck veering sharply to the right edge of the road, and the front end vibration that was occurring, and it rapidly getting worse, I chose to replace the front steers.
PTL Maintenance approved the purchase and replacement, authorized a ComCheck payment to the Goodyear vendor this past Sunday, 26 June 2016, and I was back on the road again.

I tested the dispatcher on Sunday evening with the question, so what happens now? Is PTL going to take the money for these new tires out of my Maintenance Escrow Account, or are they going to take it out of my weekly Settlement?
(I think his name was Brantley.)

He said he didn't know. He did not have access on Sunday, over the weekend, to my Maintenance Escrow Account, and the corporate office was closed on Sunday, so when they came to work Monday morning they would figure it all out.

I notified PTL of my resignation some time after that, drove to Murray, Kentucky as I said I would, and Monday morning turned in all of my company-owned equipment - EZ Pass, Permit Book, Fuel Card, Trailer, IFTA stickers, QUALCOMM hardware, and removed the Company Logo and DOT number stickers as per company policy and was given a signed-receipt proving that I had returned all of the company's equipment.

A few hours later after I left the company's property, my Fleet Manager and Dispatcher (Morgan) called me, asked me why I left the company?
After answering her question, Ms. Morgan bluntly told me that PTL was "Charging me with THEFT."
I said excuse me?
She repeated herself, "The company is charging you with theft."
I asked her, "What do you mean?"
Ms. Morgan said, "PTL paid to put two new tires on your [my] truck, and then you [I] quit the company."

Needless to say, I blew up and went off on her over the phone before I quickly hung up.

PTL took my $1, 500 out of my earned settlements over the past seven-plus weeks, set my money aside just for maintenance on my tractor, and then refused to pay for those tires out of my maintenance escrow, and subsequently, FALSELY ACCUSED ME OF STEALING FROM THEM!! (?) After they have been stealing from me this entire time? Really?
What unmitigated gall!?

PTL does not have the intention of honoring any of their ethical, financial, or even contractual obligations to its Independent Contractors.

PTL's sole intention is to unfairly conduct fraudulent and abusive business practices that are fiendishly and wantonly, viciously employed to everybody's devastating injury.

In Summary -
- PTL cheats their Owner-Operators by paying only 72.56% of actual miles driven.
- Fails to disclose Freight Rates PTL was actually being paid by the Shippers, Agents, and Brokers, thereby preventing Owner-Operators from auditing their so-called "70%" rate. The absence of any transparency, allows PTL to defraud their drivers with paid $0.90 - $1.00 per mile rates which probably are significantly less than the 70% of what the actual Freight Rate paid to PTL was.
- Falsely advertises they pay $1.15-1.23 per mile.
- Cheats again, under-paying the promised truck revenues on the settlements, (evaporative financing) ($700.95 in less-than-one-month, in my case.)
- Prohibits the use by the IC from using the Contractor's own maintenance funds to pay for maintenance on his truck. (!)
AMAZING by even the devil's own standards!
- In the IC Agreement, prohibits the reconciling of Settlement shortages past 90 days.
- In the IC Agreement, provides PTL a $5, 000 'Early Termination Fee' paid from the Contractors last two weeks - which wipes all your last two weeks earnings, working for free (unless past the 9 months of employment with PTL).
- When you report shortcomings in your Settlement within the prescribed 30-day limit, Payroll gives you the runaround to take the issue up with your Dispatcher, who pretends to look into it, and if you persist in following up, ultimately results in your Dispatcher informing you that you will not be paid any more, case-closed, and hangs up on the driver.

No wonder then, that so many Independent Contractors are quitting every day or week, by the half-dozen.
PTL is operating a revolving door, where hundreds of drivers every month, are working for free, not getting paid anything, and PTL is laughing its way to the bank!
The busiest PTL mechanic-technicians are many times either those removing PTL logos from resigned contractor's trucks, or those other mechanics who are taking two or more condemned PTL trailers out-of-service almost every day.

Then after all of PTL's unfairness and corporate crime, they rig the numbers, and falsely accuse their resigned victims of owing PTL money, even falsely accusing them of theft.

PTL, demonstrating exceptional mean-spiritedness, uses that as false justification to then deny providing those Contractors who are now financially broke, hungry, and behind on their bills, denies providing them the required Termination of Service (ToS) letters, which PTL knows, thereby prevents the IC from legitimately transferring his Quality Lease truck to another Quality Partner Carrier.
With a 10-day deadline to effect these transfers, PTL can easily force the IC to return his truck back to Quality Leasing, forcing the IC's forfeiture of more than another $2, 800 of his investment for each month ($16, 800 in my case) that the IC already paid for the truck in lease payments, and the equivalent in truck equity - all - the Contractor's loss, because of PTL's collective and organized effort to increase its profits at any costs, and burn those contractors not willing or able to remain under PTL's coercive and exploitive thumb.

Paschall Truck Lines is a total business disaster, is very predictably and rapidly going out-of-business, and does not deserve any lifelines or rescue.
Its executives and its management are corrupt, and should immediately and forever, be put in jail.

The Town of Murray, Kentucky and Franklin, Tennessee have played host to this evil presence for far too many years.
The pleasant and GOD-fearing people, the political leaders, the lawyers, the judges, and the courts of Murray and Calloway County should sever their ties to this evil.
They should spiritually and legally challenge PTL's illegal and unethical practices, and for once and forever, slay this dragon.

How can you sponsor this level of malfeasance, idly standing by, knowing that this abomination is in your midst, defrauding hardworking people out of millions of their hard-earned dollars with such deplorable and predatory practices?

I drove one driver to the bus station and paid for his bus ticket home after Orientation, because PTL was too FXXX-XXX ignorant to return him home to his family 318 miles away.
I provided one driver with a few cans of soup, plastic spoons, and paper bowls, because he had been eating nothing but crackers the preceding two weeks, AND, not getting miles, AND although he was making money for PTL, he was not making money for himself.

Ms. Randi M. was just one more of your recent victims - a young single mom.
You paid her nothing for two-and-a-half weeks, or whatever, her time and toil that she faithfully and loyally sacrificed to you, enriching your corporate welfare.
This poor girl had already been taken advantage of earlier this year by another predator for probably $10, 000-15, 000 of unpaid wages, before you had to exploit her even more.
She had been working and praying and had not been paid since March of this year.
Despite working every day for you, she had nothing to eat for several days and lost weight. Later. she used her loyalty points to get one hotdog per day, or other food scraps, otherwise starving as so many other drivers who venture into this ugly business.
She worried about her vehicle being repossessed by the bank, keeping the electric on and paying all her other bills that were behind, and she worried about her child, who was with her mother, operating on strained resources, counting on Randi, counting on PTL to do the right thing.

So last Friday, she was crying all morning, and throughout parts of the rest of the day.
But she wasn't crying from sadness, anger, or depression. Randi, was crying with joy.
Randi got her just reward, her first paycheck with another company - a net settlement of $1, 435 for her first week, and her second paycheck is projected to be around $1, 800.

I am rejoicing for her, and I am proud of her efforts, her success, and in particular, unsupported except by GOD, her overcoming your evil. She prevailed!

But no thanks to PTL President, while you live your smug and arrogant lifestyle, your company apparatus is devastating and ruining people's lives - driver's lives and their dependent families, the very people who single-handedly delivered every object in your home, and turned every dollar into your company's fortunes.

Shame on all of PTL's Executives and Managers; and to whatever extent the majority owners may still have a controlling interest, if you can't unharden your hearts, be honest and fair, and make this right, may GOD curse your health, your families, your personal assets, and everything you do, forever. AMEN.

Some of PTL's current or former so-called 'Executives' listed below:

Mr. Randall A. Waller, President and CEO, [protected]
Mr. Tom Stephens, Executive VP
Mr. John Hayman, CFO, VP of Safety and Risk Management, [protected]
Mr. Dennis Pryor, Sr. VP of Sales
Mr. Charles "Chuck" Wilson, VP Finance
Mr. Terry Doss, VP Business Development
Mr. David Graham, VP of Maintenance
Ms. Candy Hadley, Dir. of Operations, [protected], [protected]
Ms. Misty Darnell, Dir. of Business Improvement and Internal Audit
Ms. Ileana Salinas, Partner

With Shameless Conviction;

- Mr. Laverro Charles Radiante

  • Updated by SuaSponte · Apr 13, 2017

    Right on, with no exaggeration, the absolute truth. More of us need to get the word out about PTL, and other evil operations like theirs. Too many drivers do not know, and then fall victims to these predators. When is the government (state and federal) going to step in, put an end to their criminal practices, and put them in jail?


  • Su
    SuaSponte Jul 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This letter summarizes in great detail the depth of depravity of this company and its operations. Do no business with this company, or do so at your own peril, lwearn from others mistakes, please!

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  • Jo
    Jon E S Apr 13, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This operation is the ugliest that I have experienced in this industry. It is my opinion that they recruit owner operators to haul loads free of charge and use that revenue to pay their company drivers and overhead. PTL does not have the reputation to exist without their crooked practices. They would not make it any other way. They have to lie, cheat, and steal to keep their office and shop doors open. Every PTL truck that I have seen on the road is a company driver, not an owner operator. That speaks volumes! I could write page after page of detail about the experiences that I had with PTL too. They should not be in business, that is it and that is ALL.

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  • Heinz Guderian Sep 01, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Right on spot that's PTL and they screwed me out of $4000.00 escrow(Maintenance) I'M suing them and suggest you do the same, contact OOIDA

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  • El
    Elsa Guerra Oct 27, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Very Interesting and informative. I read word for word. Pls email me I have so many questions [email protected] thank you

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