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Pars Cars in Morrow GA


Ripoff badcredit loans

Complaint Rating:  98 % with 375 votes
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Contact information:
Pars Cars in Morrow Ga
Morrow, Georgia
United States
Phone: 770-961-7000
We went to Pars Cars on false advertisement of people with bad credit can purchase a car for only 14.9 interest rate. They give you 14.99 alright after they jack up the price of the car at least 10 to 15 thousand dollars and payments on a four year old car financed for five years.I Purchased 2005 Chevy Tahoe on 03/6/09, when we got to the dealership we were told we could not test drive a vehicle until we were credit approved. We decided to just leave when another sales person came out and asked if he can help. We test drove 3 vehicles and was taken into the dealership for paper work. we should have left when it took 3 hours of waiting, by this time we were told we need to put money down for the deal to go smooth...this was just so they would have our money and we would not just leave without nothing..because after we gave them the deposit of 2500.00 for the vehicle things got even slower. we were there all day...well over eight hours. They then said the deal was done they just need a thousand dollars more for the deposit...we gave it to them 3500.00 deposit for a used 4 year old vehicle Once they so called approved us it still took several more hours. They told us that they were going to take off the rims and this was standard for all the vehicle. Once we got the suv and took it home..we founded out the tires they put on the suv don't fit...they put the wrong tires on the suv. We then had to call constantly to get someone to fix this problem we finally got some sort of help on this. But to top it off we were not told we had to bring all payments to them in southlake each time we make a payment... This was hardly over when we founded out that the suv we purchased was under water for sometime. We are having to replace all bearings on the front and back wheels of the suv...very expensive..it cost us about 1500.00 just for these repairs on a suv we purchased less than 3 weeks ago.
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A  9th of Apr, 2009 by    0 Votes
I am glad to be able to read someone elses experience, I am looking to purchase a car soon and this really help in making my decision of where not to go.
A  23rd of Apr, 2009 by    +1 Votes
To: The Governor of consumer affairs

From: Samuel & Angela Austin

Re: Pars Cars SALES in morrow GA. 30260

My wife and I purchased a 2000 Honda ODYSSEY for $13, 168.30 from PARS CARS. We made a $2000 down payment and one day after getting the car the transmission failed the car was bought as is and we were told that the car was in great condition by sales man last name Curry. Now they are claiming to service the car and each time that I speak to someone in that department they ask me to pickup the car with the transmission in disrepair. The GM told me that he was not a used car dealer, he is a by here pay here business and that he can sale cars at higher than book value even if the car is bad and the your office has no authority to do anything about in part he has a LIC to steal and deceive costumers. I said to him in our conversation that's why people get so fed up with companies and he asked me are you threatening me. I said to him no I am not your trying to get out of doing the right thing on this account . Please help my family, the loan company and this car dealer ship are just ripping people off. Right now I am so upset that I may need to say things better but I can't right now. The car is still in there service department I do not have the car.
N  3rd of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
We filed our complaint with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU: this is the response we got from Tony Bouzari each time. It is obvouis that he has no concern what the consumers has to say or go through after he sells his broken down cars to you... after 2 rebuttals he copied and paste the same message ... take a look...DesiredSettlementID: Refund
Product_Or_Service: Chevy Tahoe
Purchase_Price: 26900.00

Consumer's Desired Resolution:
we also want to warn people so that they will not make the same mistake...I tell people to run from Pars Cars...they are the worst people to do business with. Save yourself some headache run

BBB Processing

03/24/2009 web BBB Case Received by BBB
03/26/2009 lb BBB Case Reviewed by BBB
03/26/2009 Otto EMAIL Send Acknowledgement to Consumer
03/26/2009 Otto MAIL Notify Business of Dispute
04/06/2009 WEB BBB RECEIVE BUSINESS RESPONSE : April 6, 2009

Better Business Bureau, Inc.
Rene Menendez
503 Oak Place, Suite 590
College Park, Georgia 30349
RE: Case # 27090997:

Ms. Menendez,
The vehicle was purchased ''As Is''. This customer signed a binding contract with United Auto Acceptance and was aware of the price of the vehicle before she signed the agreement.
If you need to contact us or discuss this matter any further, please contact me immediately.
Tony Bouzari
Operations Manager
04/06/2009 lb EMAIL Forward Business response to Consumer
04/06/2009 WEB BBB CONSUMER REBUTTAL TO BUSINESS RESPONSE: (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
They took the tires and rims off of the Tahoe and put the wrong size tires on the truck. They deceived us when taking the tires off the truck, that could have cost a major accident.
They deceived us about the total bottom line price of the truck. I was told that they approved me for 13, 900.00, I didn't know they doubled that price 1.We want those rims and tires back with better tires 2.and a refund for the repairs that was made in less than 30 days. We paid them 3500.00 for a down payment and still have to make major repairs on this truck in less then 30 days, and was told it will completely be put out of commission if they are not made immediately. We want that money back, because we later founded out that the suv we purchased was under water for about 2 years. We are having to replace all bearings on the front and back wheels of the suv...very expensive..it cost us about 1500.00 just for these repairs on a suv we purchased less than 3 weeks ago. The passenger door will not open from the inside. If they cannot do these 2 things we want them to return our 3500.00 and we will return the truck to them. Very dissatisfied customer. Businesses like this should not be allowed to operate, they run scams on innocent hard working people who need a little help getting back on their feet. How can the State of Georgia allow such scams to go on in Georgia?
04/07/2009 lb MAIL Forward Consumer Rebuttal to Business

Better Business Bureau, Inc.
Rene Menendez
503 Oak Place, Suite 590
College Park, Georgia 30349
RE: Case # 27090997:

Ms. Menendez,
The vehicle was purchased ''As Is''. This customer signed a binding contract with United Auto Acceptance and was aware of the price of the vehicle before she signed the agreement.
If you need to contact us or discuss this matter any further, please contact me immediately.
Tony Bouzari
Operations Manager
04/22/2009 lb EMAIL Send Business' Rebuttal Response to Consumer
D  10th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
Are these people in a scam with pars Cars? I just purchased a car from them, and I want to know if I can take it back; This is my first time purchasing a car, mostly due to the issue that I've always heard that car dealers rip you off. What should I do, because I went through the exact same thing. Is there some one that we can go to in order for us to be treated fairly? Who protects us?

You don't have to be a drug dealer to hurt people these days. Become legal. Lie to people, take their money and leave them screwed. Work for Pars Cars. At least you will have the BBB toi protect you. now send this to Tony Bouzari!!!
A  17th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
The BBB may not be part of the scam...but they are sure not trying to do anything to make any waves ( in other words correct the situation) I believe our only help would be for the media to get in on this and shed some light about all the scams and rip off deals pars cars inflict on good people trying to make a living. I will join in with anyone who can get media attention...because the more cases we have the better help we will get from the media. You should also report your issues to the Federal Government
N  29th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
They are by far the worst car sales people i have ever came across by. I really wanted honesty and no problems. just 2 weeks after repair man claimed he got this rust spot cleaned and properly sanded down, the spot reappeasr again as if he used spray paint. that is no way to treat a lady.
N  29th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
thanks... just saw a ford excursion on their website that i considered purchasing.i will be sure to pass the word concerning pars cars.
N  6th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
Too bad so sad. I really wanted that Honda Pilot, but I work entirely too hard for my money.
A  8th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
The experiences I have read go just like my experience. From the long all day waiting, (which made me late for a work shift starting a 11pm), taking off the rims, (which they had done to a nice guy who was also there all day), the wanting another thousand dollars above whatever down payment you offer, (which I just didn't have so they made that $1000 into "pick-up payments), to having to call and call to get a part put on the car that was supposed to have been ordered the day after the car was purchased which now has been a month ago and by the way, the battery and one of the headlights have gone out on this 2006 car within this time-not to mention a couple of other things that are not working that should have been standard on the car. (I feel blessed the car is still running not needing major repairs-it's just been a month- I'm hoping and praying.) You might as well forget about ever reaching the salesperson again by phone after buying the vehicle no matter what he or SHE promised you. I read these comments too late to help me, but, I hope this comment can help others to make their decision. I'm not saying don't go if you need a car, but KNOW what to expect.
N  13th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
I purchased a 2000 Yukon Denali from Pars Cars in Marrow, Ga. I was made to put a down payment before I even knew if I was going to be approved for the vehicle. After being approved they brought me out a list of old cars that I didn't ask to see, everything on the list wasn't anywhere near what I told them I was looking for, before I left the lot they told me that if anything went wrong within 30 days that I could bring it back to be serviced at their expense . After I got home from their lot the car started acting up, the air conditioner went out and the door sensor wouldn't go off, it sounded all night and everytime from then on. I called back to the car lot the next day to inform the of the problem and they told me I could bring it back, the guy told me he would called me back to let me know when to bring it in, well He didn't call me back so I called them. The salesperson told me that I would have to pay for the repairs out of my pocket, so I told them I would take it to a GMC dealer closer to me they told me I couldn't do that, that I had to brinhg it in to them because that's how they make their money. Remind you that I just bought this car not even a week ago. Pars Cars is a rip off and now I'm stuck with this car that I have to get fix on my own and out of my pocket. I wouldn't advise anyone to go to Pars Cars at all. BEN TRUITT
N  19th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
I am with the public, I brought a car from these people's... When I tell you that this was the biggest mistake of my life... First when i put my down payment on the car. I told them because of the condition of the car I wanted my money back and they told me that they have already swipe my card and they counld not refund me my money. then the breaks and the belt on the car are really bad.. I told them that they told me to bring it back in a week, when I took it back they told me that it was not their problem, and I need to fix it.. Then when purchase the car they told me that they will fill my tank up, took the car to the gas station and put $5.00 in that car.. If I would have knew what I know now.. I would have ran from that place... I am dropping that piece of ### off right at they lot... PLEASE DO NOT GO TO PARS CARS.. RUN RUN RUN.. It's some-one else out there who can help you..Ms. Carla Walker
N  14th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I appreciate the stories that you have shared about Pars Cars. I have been looking at a Nissan that they currently have available. However, after reading your experiences I will not be going there. Thank-you for sharing - even though the BBB doesn't seem to care you have done a service to the rest of us who need a good car.
A  16th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I had previously went to Pars cars [Riverdale location] they were trying to put me in a car I did not want! Thank-GOD I left, went to another scam artist Cars and Credit on Tara Blvd in Jonesboro road, was sold a bad car, rised hell was able to get my down-payment back $2, 000. Finally I purchased a car from McConnells Auto in Jonesboro, 4% interest no matter how bad your credit is. Brought a 2009 Toyota Camry with $2, 000 down. Sales Folks are respectful and honest.

N  16th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
A  23rd of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
Thank you i had been looking for a cash car for a couple of days and decided to go to pars cars with $7, 500 in hand to purchase on the spot for the kind of car i wanted but thank goodness i stumpled upon this site and trust me i will not even head in that direction. Thank's for the very valuable info, times are too hard right now to waste money by throwing it out the window for some oney hungry jerk that don't give a damn how they sleep at night i have a family to feed and take care of like most of you and can't afford mistakes or mishaps well anyway.Happy Holidays now i will go out in buford or duluth georgia or something to the other folks as much as i hate to say it but as least some people the other people know how to handle business professionally and with dignity.
N  25th of Dec, 2009 by    -1 Votes
I am so happy i came across this site. My transmission on my car went bad so i tried car max but unfortunately my credit is not all that. They wanted a $2000.00 which is fine but they also wanted to stick me with a 24.9% interest rate so i decline. I was thinking of going to pars car but you guys just save my life...Does anyone know where you can get a good car without being ripped off even if your credit is not all that ?
N  4th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Im in search for a vehicle and I was about to check out pars cars in morrow, but after reading these reviews I will not waist my time. Pars cars if your reading this review listen! Time is to hard to be playing around with people money, You would think that it wouldn't be so hard to do the right thing, but dealing you broke down salesmans just not worth my time or anyone elses. I will make sure to keep the word out on you guys.
N  3rd of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
I am so happy that I came across this page. I heard the Pars Cars advertisement on the ready and decided to check them out by going to the website. Someway somehow I ended up here when I put Pars Cars in search. This information has been very helpful in making my decision. Thanks!!!
N  11th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
First thank you for this site but lol you have on your post comment please TEXT spelling...lol someone here need to CHECK spelling. Again Thank You for the site, I was going to ParsCars this Saturday, whew. I agree that times are too hard to rip ppl off. There must be somethin we can do. We should protest the company especially after all that advertisement on the radio & they had an all day show on TV.
N  16th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
Pars Cars is a scam. I went there, spoke to the salesman and once I realized I was about to be ripped off, I left with dust behind me. I went on line to roadloans.com and got approved immediately (30 seconds). The interest was a little high (15%) but I realized that with bad bad credit that happens. I was approved with $18, 000 to go to CarMax. I purchase a 2006 Jaguar and is happy as a lamb and didn't spend all of the money. My payments are good and I can refinance after a year when my credit gets better.

*************** RUN FROM PARS CARS BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE***********************

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