Parcel2Goparcel delivery to the usa

D Jun 09, 2017

I sent a parcel to the USA under this number which had an actual weight of 11.5 Kgs. To cover myself I actually listed it at 12kgs.
This package was then held up, and delayed in the USA and a demand for extra payment was made to my receiver for $22.75. No reasons were given. My client paid this sum to release the shipment.
Today I receive an email form Parcel2go saying that an extra payment was required of £10.64 as the parcel had a volumetric weight of double that I had listed.
What is going on? How on earth am I supposed to know what the fictitious rate is. I put down the actual weight and that is good enough for me. A fictitious weight of the box filled with air or lead is rubbish.
Is it also normal practice to charge both parties for the extra charge?
This company is a joke. They advertise cheap shipping, and then boost up the price afterwards by fabricating a fictitious weight and charging both the sender and the receiver.
You have just lost yourself a good customer.


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