Paraco Gasawful customer service

Given that I am new to the fuel of Propane gas and delivery, Paraco got to be the worst of them all. We closed on out new place Nov 10th, just before the heating season. I opened my account with Paraco the day the closing date was set, paid my first bill within days and then waited. I called and called and waited until Dec 12 until they finally they sent someone out for the safety inspection, but still no delivery. The inspector was very nice and competent, and told me that they were seriously short staffed, but 6 weeks in the cold season??? It was supposed to take only a few days after the inspection for the first delivery, but by the 19th there was still no sign of any delivery, so I kept calling, increasingly loosing my cool on the phone. They promised delivery for the next day, Saturday the 20th. When we arrived at the house on the 23rd late evening we found the gas tank to be completely empty. After a very cold night I called yet again first thing in the morning, and all the operator would do is e-mail the delivery department (to which I never received a response) I left a voice mail with the person who had promised me the Dec 20th delivery, but she never returned my call. After about an hour on the phone, and short of driving to the nearest delivery center to chain myself to a delivery truck, I finally talked to someone in deliveries, who did call me back and promised (yet again) delivery for the same day, christmas eve! In fact I received my first delivery on Dec 24th at 2:15 pm!! What a joyous moment. The driver also was able to clear the mystery of the Saturday delivery: He had delivered it to the house of the former owner just across the street, called dispatch when he found it NOT empty, but they never called back - so he left. Paraco still charred me $50.- for the delivery to the wrong place. I guess if you order it, you have to pay for it regardless whose tank it ends up in! I love our new place, but signing up with Paraco was the WORST mistake!

Dec 29, 2014

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