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Ye Dec 11, 2018 Brooklyn, NY

On Monday the 10th of this month, I made two orders of the steak and arugula sandwich to take home. When I got home, I discovered that the steak was about 99% raw with noticable blood from it that had dripped onto the bread. It looked gross. I was so upset because I was hungry, already back home and had nothing else to eat. I called that same day to make a complaint and was told my complaint had been written down and that I could come back the next day to either get a refund, or have my order made again.
The next day (12/11/18) I went back to Panera Bread a few minutes to 10 PM with my previous order and the receipt in my hands. I told the cashier what had happened the previous day and gave him my name. He looked to see if I was on the complaint list and indicated that he had seen my complaint. The lady (a Panera employee) who I spoke to on the phone the previous day came to address me and indicated she was the one I spoke to on phone the yesterday. I asked for them to make the same order for me but with the steak fully cooked this time.
I waited patiently for my order, stepped out of Panera Bread thinking they had gotten the order right this time but I was wrong. As soon as I got into the car and checked my order, I realized it was a half sandwich I was given. What I ordered the pervious day were 2 whole steak and arugula sandwiches, but this time I was given half a steak arugula sandwich to replace my order of the previous day. I ran back to Panera Bread to complain but it was locked and I couldn't get in. They had locked the door because it was after 10pm which was after work hours.
I've never felt so frustrated with an order like this before. I used to take pride with going to Panera Bread and taking friends and family with me there but I can't say the same now. I'll have to really think hard about going there or recommending the restaurant to anyone. I spent $21.75 on my order. It wasn't free money I used to purchase the sandwiches but my hard earned money.

Panera Bread
Panera Bread

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