SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Charge more than invoice and counterfeit, faulty products sent advertises itself as a certified pandora retailer. I purchased items in March 2016. My credit card was charged more than the amount of the invoice. When I received the goods they were obviously fake and didnt cip or fit the way they were supposed to. I contacted the seller for a refund of the overcharged amount and a refund or replacement of the faulty items. Seller requested photos of the items which I provided. Seller then refused to refund or replace anything stating instead "hello customer, wish you have a nice day!
As you know, the authentic item of this item can only be purchased from authorized dealers.
Our products are Class A product, but we have a guarantee on high quality that you should expect,
and they're nearly the same as the real ones!
also, we have many returned customers from over the world, pls do not worry, thanks!"

Apr 18, 2016

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