Panasonic microwave NN-CD997S / Stops working/noise sound

Saudi Arabia

I purchased this microwave/CONVECTION OVEN DIMENSION 4 the Genius NN-CD997S in 2009. This was with the CONVECTION/COMBINATION/GRILL/2 LEVEL CONVECTION.and it STOPPED with a very weird noise i don't know what happened but i was frightened, with its last noise & it ceased to work . After contacting Panasonic service center in Riyadh phone no [protected] we took our microwave to them for repair . This was in February2011 !!!they checked & said to changed the fuse with the Some kind of(parts) Board to be changed which will come dircetly from Japan they took 480 Saudi Riyals from me. I got the microwave back in march...with the same noise coming off & on, now again i took it to them & they are going t fix it with more 350 saudi riyals. now i have finally decide to write Panasonic to refund me my money back .i don't want your any panasonic microwave anymore because you people are not sincerely making things durable & longlasting with quality parts like use to make before .who is responsible for this .I was happy to buy it because it was made in JAPAN.But what the use of it wen its not working?& i have to keep on fixing it even wen i am not mishandling it too. They seem to have inferior products and are very LOW QUALITY PARTS. I will NEVER buy a Panasonic product ever again. Lessons learned TO ME NOW!!!This situation is with all your cordless phones also which i purchased & repaired too.!!!

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