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Paltalk / the flirting zone

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Complaint/Complaints concerning The Flirting Zone

Date of the most currant incident 1/30/2019
I have a copy of the room script from yesterday events if need be.

I have been on Pal talk since it first began. I have been a room member, a super admin, and regular admin in the past. Recently I was an admin in The Flirtzing Zone. Because I was unable witnessing the unfairness with the treatment, dots, and bounces of room members I went to rumman a co-owner several times about how people are being poorly mistreated by admin. I could not go to Mis_Isabella as she likes few and if you are not part of her click she's a horrible piece of work and sicks her @ pals on you to mess with you, they basically do her dirty work in the room for her. When I went rumman he got angry when I mentioned one of his admin friends doing these very things as well as in admin whisper being horrible about others in the room both about admin and room members. He got angry I brought anything to him, he bounced me and removed my admin status. One should be able to go to someone above when the room is operating wrong and people are being unfairly unwarranted dotted and bounced. I don't know who this complaint of mine will reach to be looked into but I would prefer it not be the red @ FL_Doug, or Gary as two admin in The Flirting Zone Cindy and Megan have made it publicly clear the room that these red @'s and others are in their pocket like puppets. Megan went to one of them, lied on me and had him come into The Flirting Zone to scold me when I had done nothing to Megan or to anyone accept for disagree on the unfair treatment of a room member originally the conversation was in admin whisper then she took into the public room and called me names. No one did anything, yet I was the one she brought her red @ boyfriend in at me? @Megan @Cindy @Mis_Isabella @Cinderella @rumman co-owner @waitingtobeloved @Mickie N the Music and the list of bad admin goes on and on. No one ever cleans up the room for long admins are warned by other friend red admin and for a second or two the room runs without people being verbally mistreated unfairly dotted and unjustly bounced then it all resumes after a few days. The click of admin gang up on people abuse them with their @'s and ruin the room almost upon entry when they arrive. I tried so many times to try to get Ugly FatNPoor to fix his room and have his admin be fair and apply the same rules fairly for all including the ones Admin are to follow along side the room members. Ugly FatNPoor has been again away leaving the room in the hands of Mis_Isabella and bully crew and in rummans hands. The owner / co-owners don't even agree or speak to one another when making admin choices or about the room rules in general. Mis_Isabella runs the room with her @people her way and then enters rumman who runs the room with those he's made @'s his way. It's very confusing for the room members. One minute what they may say is ok the next hours later they may say the same thing again and be dotted or bounced for it. There is no construction in the room not with the chosen Admins and definitely not with the ones in charge. I knew by going to rumman to help get things right he would do as he did to me but at least I tried so the loss of my admin status was worth trying. I just got fed up watching the room members and other fellow good admin be abused. I remained going to the room as I am liked by many and I like many there. The constant abuse I endure just to be in there to visit with friends and have some laughs and listen to music is wrong. It does not just happen to me it happens daily and constantly to a lot and often. It's corrupt and the only ones who can fix it wont. So finally after years of trying I am here sadly in this window typing this message. Paltalk desperately needs to fix The Flirting Zone it's got wonderful potential if it were ran fairly and properly. Dots and Bounces shouldn't be handed out and laughed about and commented on in the public room as a form of bullying people that aren't deserving of it. I do hope someone above in Paltalk will really do something as something seriously needs to be done. Reds show up sit a second and off they go, they may warn or say what to whom ever but it's not changing anything or helping the room balance. I am not sure what PalTalk can do I just hope it is something. People do not pay for their accounts to be abused to chat because of a clicky group of corrupt foul admin think it's funny to do and mistreat others. Any one who disagrees with the group of Admin running the show in The Flirting Zone are publicly lied about out in the room so it appears the person or people are doing wrong when in fact it's the opposite the person or people did nothing wrong. It's an image power tripping game and a terrible one in there. I hope someone with Paltalk will actually finally do something to sort this room out.
Thank you for your time
Rhonda Thomas

Jan 31, 2019

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