Paltalk / religious discrimination, racial discrimination, and denial opportunity to lodge a complaint.

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On this day, 3, 18, 2017, I dealt with several of the staff at PAL TALK regarding an incident that had taken place soon after I became a member. I set My profile up and in doing so provided PAL TALK with all of My contact information and personal information. Later, I was in a chat room and began socializing and the members were engaging very vigorously in terms of asking all sorts of questions that were personal. I evaded them as anyone would do. However, it seem that no matter what room I went to I found the same behavior. Eventually, I began seeing things attributed to Me that were not accurate or true. Most the time I would confront the situation. As time when on I began to see that My personal information was being placed in the rooms. I knew that it had to be from an admin/monitor or someone from higher up that could get my information. I immediately contacted PAL TALK about it. I was told " you can get your money back" I informed them that I was not concerned with the money but of My personal information being distributed to the public. PAK TALK kept conceytrating on the Money I stayed focused on what had occurred. I continued to address the matter despite the fact that PAL TALK was not responding. I made attempts to file a complaint and was given inaccurate information thus in opposed to filing an COMPLAINT they had Me file a SUBMIT a request as a complaint. I felt that this was wrong so I continue to speak with a supervisor about the matter. They cut ties with Me and prevented Me from being able to even reach PAL TALK. I still wish to document what occurred and ask that I be given the appropriate forms to do so in addition to this submission. That way I can study the procedures and file a comprehensive complaint.

Mar 18, 2017
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      Oct 10, 2017

    Paltalk discriminates against christian room. I had to close mine because i got hacked constantly and paltalk offered no protection or solution. Muy ability to play videos in the room was also taken away. It is not worth the headache, just two weeks ago, paltalk took an unauthorized amount of money out of my bank account. I have tried to get through to their customer service, and all i get is a recording asking for an extension. Paltalk is not a good place to be and they are true bullies, too bad, i met a lot of nice people there but unfortunately also a great deal of nasty ones.

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