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I / We could be any of the dozens of people and organizations that Christopher Mark Paris of Oxebridge Quality Resources International LLC has accused publicly of being part of an "accreditation scheme", "unaccredited certificate mills, " racists, sexists, computer hackers, vandals, criminals, fraudsters, telephone harassers, and so on. If you receive the Oxebridge Report, read Paris's LinkedIn articles or visit the Oxebridge site, you have seen all this material and you do not need to take our word for it.

We would usually prefer to ignore Chris Paris, but as he continues trying to hurt us and dozens of others and even brags about the harm he causes to others, we must therefore expose his dishonesty to take away his capacity to cause further injuries to innocent people & orgs.

False Accusations of Crimes

Let's first look at the Oxebridge ISO Standards Users Legal Defense Fund. It said as of 16/02/18,

"Several sites have opened up to accuse Oxebridge and supporters of its broad reform efforts. They blame innocent people for crimes ..."

A Google search on the and keywords such as "jail", "crime", "criminal, " "fraud, " and "felony" show that Oxebridge itself creates wild accusations of this kind. Oxebridge has also accused people of involvement in vandalism, computer hacking and filing of fake reports with federal law enforcement agencies, all of which are crimes.

Unauthorized Use of Other People's Photographs

Oxebridge visitors also can see Oxebridge's unauthorized use of other people's pictures. Copyright belongs to the photographer who took the picture. We seriously doubt that Chris Paris has permission to use the dozens of photos of other people he uses on his site. He accuses others of copyright infringement and plagiarism so he needs to clean-up his own website first.

Among these photos, which Chris Paris is not authorized to use, is an indecent photo manipulation of a woman (middle finger gesture), the kind of photo manipulation that a teenage cyberbully living in his mother's cellar might publish. Yet another adds a 4-letter word for excrement to the logo of a reputable ISO 9001 certification body. This is on Chris Paris's corporate website.

Chris Paris and Oxebridge were Sued for Attacking a Professional Conference

See (starting at #31 for details). As for #53, "All the libel and inference has caused Plaintiffs' many program presenters to refuse to present in fear of harassment from Paris, " Paris bragged openly about getting one speaker to drop out: "Obama Risk Advisor Dropped from G31000 Speaker Lineup
by Christopher Paris | Jul 2, 2014 | News |"

This litigation was dismissed not as Paris claims because it was a junk litigation but because it was filed in the wrong jurisdiction. for court decision

He also went to one of the conference organizer's employers to try to get him fired - a pattern of behavior he has often repeated. He published (without permission) the photograph of a man's wife with the name of her employer, as he has had a long-term conflict with her husband he (Paris) seems to have started, and made it clear that he would try to get her fired. We do not want to give the Oxebridge link because the site names the woman and her employer. If you are a regular visitor to Oxebridge ("O-Fan"), you have already seen it though.

Malicious Statements about ISO and AS Certification Bodies

A recent Oxebridge article alleges an ISO 9001 Certification Body issued an ISO 9001 certification for a drug smuggling ring. (Oxebridge readers have seen this.) What actually happened was that the employees in the company were accused of using it as the front for drug smuggling by hiding drugs in furniture parts. Does Chris Paris really believe that the CB had any way to know what the smugglers did? Do drug smugglers usually tell everyone around them that they smuggle with drugs? Another Oxebridge web site accuses his own client's or employer's ISO 9001 CB's auditor of demanding sex from a female quality manager to keep the auditor from issuing nonconformances.

Yet another Oxebridge website blamed the AS 9100 certification body of another of Oxebridge's clients or employers for a major loss in the same AS 9100 system that Chris Paris said he implemented and then monitored. Based on what we have read, the problem was due to a defective supplier part and no fault in the AS 9100 system itself. This is how Chris Paris talks about his own clients' or employers' CBs on his company's website.

Was Chris Paris' House Vandalized?

Oxebridge Report #40 asked for donations to the Oxebridge ISO Standards Users Legal Defense Fund while claiming, "It's gotten so bad, my house has been vandalized and I'm receiving threatening phone calls…" and implying that four of his self-made enemies were somehow involved in this.

"[Name hidden to protect victim] Hack of Oxebridge Isn't Their First Run-In with the Law" published on 31/05/17 at Oxebridge said, "My house was vandalized four times, and my children harassed online."

Mr. Paris, however, reported no vandalism or phone threats at his home address (or cyberbulling of family members) to his local police as of 31/05/17.

Oxebridge Advocated Registration to Obsolete Standards

Oxebridge Report # 38 recommended companies to sign up for outdated quality standards if their customers agreed.

"The only reason most companies update is because of the arbitrary 3-year deadline. In reality, a better solution would be for registrars to continue to offer certification to older editions, and let the supply chain decide on which one to certify to. If Boeing says "ISO 9001:2000" is fine, their suppliers can opt for that, or any later edition."

From what we have seen of Oxebridge's technical content - and we have nothing bad to say about it - we seriously doubt that Chris Paris actually believes we should have a "Tower of Babel" where organizations register to ISO 9001:1987, ISO 9001:1994, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008 or ISO 9001:2015, and where certification bodies should know how to audit all of these.


Oxebridge's free downloadable ISO 9001 template packages provide value. Oxebridge's controversial material is otherwise best suited to very late night-time talk radio shows, and should be taken as seriously as ghost sightings, paranormal observations, and 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Oxebridge Quality Resources International LLC
Oxebridge Quality Resources International LLC

Feb 16, 2018
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      Jun 19, 2019

    Wow! What an interesting article. I wonder when Chris Paris was having issues if he had a way to complain that would have been sufficient to him, would any of these other things really have been necessary. My company uses it’s an AI reporting tool that has taken out any human biases, therefore giving a voice to those who need to talk. Would that have changed things I wonder?

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