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We went to this 90 minute sales pitch. Of course we were skeptical and really only wanted to get the "free stuff." Boy are we glad that we didn't fall into their spell! As others in this forum have mentioned they started out with a price of $9995 and went all the way down to $1895. That should be your first huge flag! Why would anyone invest that kind of money without being able to research the company? I sincerely caution anyone that is going to this sales pitch! If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a DUCK!


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      Oct 16, 2009

    Just went to this presentation and above comment is correct. They say they are affiliated with all these stand up travel companies and asked them to prove it and they just kept on talking. They say they but rooms in bulk but then you got to website and it says there company is looking for the best deal they can by what I can guess is surfing the web. Keep your money and do it yourself. Anyone that doesn't show you how it actually works by using the live internet to select some places with the technology today I have major reservations about.

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      Feb 19, 2010

    We signed up with Jere in the San Antonio office, after negotiating him down to a 3 year trial version for $1500. The only good thing that came from it all was that I only lost $1500, not the original $8995. Everytime we have tried to use the service, we beat their prices by at least 10% just by using travelocity or priceline or orbitz (etc). We tried booking a hotel in the country in England last year, and they couldn't even find a hotel for us to book. We found one, told them about it, and their price was marked up from the actual retail price! Unbelieveably poor service. The flip side? Everyone is polite while they continue to waste your time.

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      Oct 21, 2011

    Also went to one of the bogus presentation. The travel company is bogus and their 'complementary' gifts are even worse. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! The registration for the 'complementary' gits cost me $170.00 with another scam company called Eagles Choice. You need to 'act' within 10 days and only by check! Next you get your docs in the mail, , except now you need to 'activate' the certificate. This goes to a company call The Travel Center' for another $110.00, again only check. Finally I get the last docs in the mail, now Infinity Incentive Group wants me to mail them another $600.00 for port taxes, etc. Check out their record with the better business bureau, , tons of complaints! This is all 1 big scam to get you to give up while each company collects money. This must be illegal. I'm looking into filing a lawsuit against Good Times Travel for bogus business practice, if not just to warn other people... Total SCAM, nothing more!

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      Nov 12, 2011

    I was at a similar presentation just last night, but it was put on by "Global Travel Solutions", which I suspect is the same company by a different name! The comments and prices stated above are the same as those presented last night, and I was determined not to be sucked in. When I received my certificates for the "free cruise" and air fare tickets, I did some checking when I got home only to find out that these companies, too, just want your money to "activate" the certificates, and from what I've been reading here, I would never hear from them again! I will be interested to hear if you have any success in checking into the validity of a lawsuit, but my suspicion is that it would be far too expensive and they're probably far too slick to succomb to that anyway. I'm sure they have their bases covered. What I do plan to do is write a letter to the Editor of the Record newspaper to warn others who might receive postcards in the mail as I did and save them from wasting their time and perhaps losing a bundle in this scam.

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