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Orange Models, Toronto ON / Scam

1 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

Agency requests the aspiring models to pay $700 for prints. The price is 10 times higher than normally in the industry and it is required to pay them upfront.

This agency is running a classic scam called a photo mill, where the agency splits the fees with the photographers, stylists, printers, etc. The agency makes its profit from selling services to the models, not from commissions from their work.

In fact, the agency should not be selling photographic promotional materials to the models because it is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

Consumer protection for Ontario, Canada, states:

A portfolio consisting of a variety of photographs of the model in different clothing and styles is required. A photo shoot costs $400-$500 on average (including wardrobe, makeup and hair styling). A reputable agency will pay these costs. If the modelling agency wants you to pay, walk away.

Here is the link to know if the agency is a fraud:

They have tricked me and my daughter into signing the contract. It didn't take me long to discover that they are a scam. I am in the process of fighting for my money back. If you have signed with them, beware. Ask for a refund before its too late.

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  • De
      16th of Apr, 2009
    -4 Votes

    I am 5" 4' and have been with Orange for the last 2 years and I am so glad I went to Orange. I have done a few commercials which include (beauty Supply outlet, Scope) a few prints like (Casino Rama, Wal-Mart), bunch of music videos including (Kelly Clarkson). I can't thank them enough for their hard work, it is really appreciated. Actually this agency came highly recommended with great recommendations from a friend who worked as assistant to a casting director. I am very happy with them.

    I don't understand why everyone thinks that they should get their first start in the modeling industry for free. If you are an unbelievably experienced model with your own portfolio, then yes otherwise mostly there is a startup cost for anything you do in life like be dance, art, singing, gym etc. I am surprised anyone would be disappointed, but I guess not everybody is different; it is like anything in life. It seems like people are always looking for something to complain about.

    Orange has had great success stories, from fashion shows to fashion magazines to hit tv series, to many commercials, catalogues etc.

    Check out their TV website or their videos on YouTube and you would be amazed.

  • El
      12th of Aug, 2009
    -1 Votes

    i just booked two fashion shows this month through Orange Models, you can see my pictures on their blog
    i have nothing but good things to say about them.

  • El
      21st of Aug, 2009
    -4 Votes

    I agree there is always a cost to start something for the first time..
    I signed with Orange about a year and a half ago.. and I'm very happy I did. I got a lot of auditions and booked number of jobs..
    People complain only because they think that once they have signed they gonna be supermodels in no times without doing anything..and nobody works on their portfolios when a portfolio is a reflection of your skills:) So there you go.. all questions answered:)

  • Sa
      22nd of Aug, 2009
    +2 Votes

    YOU GUYS are probably the managers of this terrible agency acting as clients. What a scam. I've heard terrible things about this agency.

  • Zi
      9th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I do agree that once an aspiring model wants to start up in an agency, it would cost you a chunky figure, however, as you advance higher you start making your own profits while building your skills as a model. I was with orange models for 2 years and i am 5' 9. I got NO jobs or call bakcs whatsoever and when i tired to renew my contract, they gave me false hope and made me pay $200 to renew my contract. So basically, maybe they tried to find me jobs and the market was to competitive, or maybe they wanted to rip me off while i sit around and wait for nothing. But the main point of it all is that the modelling world is not an easy but competitive environment, and the best thing an aspiring model can do to survive in this industry is to keep searching for the right agency which would represent them best and promote them so that they can get good jobs.

  • Yv
      10th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Agencies don't work for free, ever agency charges a fee either for photos or a registration or for composite cards.

    I have heard good and bad things about Orange, mostly good. I don't think they are a scam because I know their models book jobs but there are better options out there like ford, elite or elmer specially for someone who is 5'9.

    As for the internet every agency is a 'scam' there is good and bad about so many legit agencies in Toronto including Orange that it is unbelievable so do your research and use your judgment.

  • Pi
      9th of Oct, 2009
    +4 Votes

    I am disgusted with Orange. They ARE a scam!...The contract clearly states they do not charge for couriers when in fact they DO NOT deal with couriers...WHY HAVE THAT!!...They are NOT specific at all!!...I over paid so much for this!...DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM AT ALL!!!

  • Ha
      31st of Oct, 2009
    -5 Votes

    You are clearly pissed off for nothing. There is nothing fraud about this company! My daughter has been with them for the last 2 years and currently she is in China on a 3 month contract all due to Orange Models. I am very Happy with them. I have been scammed before by an different agency who shut down (as scam agencies never last long, they take your money and run).Please do your research first before screaming scam!

    And btw... just incase you try to blame them, I don't work at the agency.

  • In
      6th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Orange is a legit Toronto agency.

    As a photographer I have worked with clients like Scotia bank, Guinness, Unitron, OLG, Bell, RBC, Rogers, McDonald and I can tell you Orange Model Management is one of the Top commercial/ fashion agencies in Toronto. Their models work internationally.

    Agencies don't work for free. Sometimes models pay some fees, (prints, transportation, etc) especially when they get started and have a book to build. Depends on the case.

    If you sign with an agency and don’t get audition or you are unable to book jobs, it means you're not what the casting director is looking for. That is not your agency's fault.

  • Ka
      22nd of Nov, 2009
    +2 Votes

    2 years ago I paid them the 700$ and during the whole year I just got one audition.I called the manager several times to see when I'm gonna get an audition but he ditched me all the time.I'm still angry but I don't know what to do.Any advise?

  • Kr
      23rd of Nov, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Everyone with no pictures does a test shoot and pays for composite cards and head shots to get started. If that was the case then I think you paid right. I've been with them for a while now and I am satisfied. I had my own photos so did not pay them anything. They always guide me and help me out just like the rest of their models. To begin with my contract was for a year and I just renewed it. Depending on the duration of the contract if it hasn’t expired you should talk to them. As far as auditions are concerned that totally depends on the client and what they are looking for, that is not the agencies fault.

  • Im
      3rd of Dec, 2009
    Best Best Advice +5 Votes

    PEOPLE, think about this:
    people are ok satisfied with orange, never google "orange model scam" and NEVER come and see this page,
    So the people here saying that orange is not a scam, they are part of th scaming agency and do this to make money, they GET PAID TO COME ONLINE AND WRITE THESE THINGS
    i on the other hand, i lost 750 dollars, I AM here to share my experience with you and i found this site by googling " orange model scam" !!! so the people here who are telling you the agency is a scam are telling you the truth, they are the people who were scamed and googled this to see others were scamed too or not!!!
    YOU MANAGERS go F* yourselves for lying to the general public and stealing their money .


  • El
      5th of Dec, 2009
    -5 Votes

    Darling, first of all scam agencies dont stay in business for long. i've been scammed before by one agency.
    and there are always fees for new models. even when you go to a photographer to get a basic portfolio, you do pay a lot of money.
    second of all, everyone can go on the internet and write whatever they want, and we will never find out who it was and was it true. Internet does not matter.
    What matters is how the agency is doing. Majority of their models are happy and I am one of them:))))) and that's what matters the most.
    You cannot be good for everyone. Someone will always not be satisfied.

  • Th
      16th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    What about sending me to HongKong, Orange wants to send me to go be VIP girl at a casino- can anyone say sketchy? lol
    Please has anyone known a girl to go and ever go back?
    What do ya'll think about being sent out kidnapped and sent to the sex trade... kidding I don't really know, but maybe I'm not... Has anybody come back from one of these international jobs? Anyone?

  • Ha
      17th of Dec, 2009
    -2 Votes

    I don’t usually participate in these forums as they are not monitored but I just felt that as this seems to be an ongoing topic so I'd add my review about this agency. I have been with Orange for about a years, I get castings, have booked jobs and they are not a scam.

    I have never paid for a photo shoot, or for a registration fee. When I joined Orange I had my own portfolio and as per the contract there is a registration fee but it is taken out of the jobs that you get.

    Recently I got back from a ten day trip to China and that was due to Orange. There were 8 models from Orange Toronto and around the same number from an agency in LA who went to China to compete in a Pageant organized by a jeans company. One of my fellow models Baba from Orange won the pageant and RMB 100, 000. I can tell you that they have a very active International division and have successfully placed many models internationally; I know it because I am one of them.

  • Li
      5th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I would just like everyone to know that Orange models Toronto is in NO WAY a scam. I have been with them for almost a year now, I have been in China on a 70 day contact and now I traveling to Greece in Feb for 2 months, all because of Orange. My experience with them has been amazing.


  • Tr
      11th of Jan, 2010
    +3 Votes

    Aren't there any models in China?

    "Agencies don't work for free, ever agency charges a fee either for photos or a registration or for composite cards."

    "I don't understand why everyone thinks that they should get their first start in the modeling industry for free."

    You two have either been completely misled or are representatives of this company. Legitimate agencies make money by taking a small percentage of what models are paid by their clients. Only scam agencies charge 'start-up' fees. They have little incentive to book you after that because they've already been paid.

  • De
      15th of Jan, 2010
    -2 Votes

    Please do your research and looked at their testimonials section on their website which is amazing, especially the range of clients they have. As for the costs, I never paid a dime for representation because I had my own portfolio and their commissions are deducted from the jobs that I do. However I believe if you don't have one and decide to get your material done through Orange they can refer you a photographer if you can't find one on your own. It is not required that anyone purchases anything.

    As far as companies today paying for a models marketing materials, good luck, times have changed and when they did.

  • Jq
      9th of Feb, 2010
    +4 Votes

    Wow, I just went to Orange Models yesterday..
    reading this makes me turn heads.
    I agree with "imintoronto" - if i were to be under the contract of Orange models and so called "sucessful" I would never ever think about scam that other people have encountered under this management, it's ridiculous how the people of this agency is writing pathetic comments faking people to act like this company is worthwhile. I was going to pay $600 for ### postcards, 100 of them which probably would not get to hands of other places anyways.
    I have no experience in the Modeling industry and I may just have got messed up by Orange and would've wasted valuable time. Kiss my ### Orange :)

  • La
      10th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I just have a few things to say about all of this. For starters I don't know if Orange is A SCAM yet or not however I have had my interview and the price of the registration fee did take my by surprise.. HOWEVER----I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED BY AN AGENCY IN NY WHERE I PAID $700. They took my photos, I paid my money. I never got my photos and three weeks later the agency packed up and gone as if it never existed. They INDEED WERE A SCAM. In fact they who knows where they went. I WAS NOT ASKED TO SPEND $700 WITH ORANGE but I HAVE MY OWN PORTFOLIO. ONE I CREATED BY MYSELF. I HAVE SPENT ALMOST $400 ON HEADSHOTS AS I AM AN ACTRESS. I have spent $600 on one photoshoot, not to mention over $150.00 in prints. IT IS NOT TRUE THAT AN AGENCY WILL TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING FOR YOU! IF YOU LOOK LIKE KATE MOSS THEN SURE, THEY WILL COVER YOUR COMP CARDS BUT THEY WILL ALSO GIVE YOU THE RESPONSIBILITY OF PAYING AND UPDATING YOUR OWN PORTFOLIO. THE WORLD HAS CHANGED AND AS COSTS RISE, NOTHING IS FREE ANYMORE, NOTHING!!! In fact I am also part of actors access and they are two websites that have asked me to pay and the fess were almost $79/year each. So right there it's $190.00 in internet listings. I did get many auditions through them and there were times when I had nothing. It's the nature of the beast. If YOU ARE NOT WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR YOU WILL NOT BE CALLED. I Also have been overlooked because I refused to pay for commercial classes by a casting director who was responsibile for casting many commercials and so everytime I submitted my photo for the appropriate audition, I was turned down. ITS ALL OVER THE INDUSTRY, IT IS FILLED WITH LEACHES AND PARASITES, AND VAMPIRES AND YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU AND WORKS FOR YOU!!! Therefore my fees up to date on myself including my headshots WHICH ACTORS ARE ALWAYS RESPONSIBILE FOR PAYING SO ALL YOU SPOILED MODELS WHO DON'T WANT TO INVEST A DIME IN YOUR OWN PORTFOLIO OR PICTURES. SHUT UP! ACTORS AND ACTRESS ARE CONSTANTLY PAYING OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKET AND NOT MAKING HALF THE MONEY YOU DO BECAUSE THE JOBS ARE GIVEN TO MODELS TURNED ACTORS... However it isn't that Orange is asking for money because I am adult enough that I challenged them on it and expressed my concerns however, my showbuziness account just expired, as did actors access, as did the breakdown express, as did casting network, etc...all those together cost. If this ORANGE agency is claiming for registration fees but are willing to take care of comp cards, I don't see the scam, as those websites charge..per person...for every new person enrolled, for every new account. Breakdownsexpress is a difficult one to hack into. They are an exclusive for casting directors and agents. THEREFORE UP TO DATE, ON MYSELF, ALONE, I HAVE SPENTMORE THEN $225/00 OR $700 ON MY OWN MAKING OF MY OWN PORTFOLIO AND ONLINE SUBMISSIONS. If there is someone willing to do all of that middleman work for you, then use your judgement because it IS TIME CONSUMING, IT IS DRAINING AND RATHER THEN FOCUSING YOUR ENERGIES ON YOUR CRAFT YOU ARE SPENDING HOURS PER DAY GOING BETWEEN WEBSITES SUBMITTING YOURSEL[censored] WHICH ISN'T FUN. NOW I am also represented by an Agency in Italy. I did not have to pay. They promised me comp cards. They never made them. They rarely send me out. I have been on 3 audtions in 6 months. SO WHERE IS THE JUSTICE. I don't know! It is up to you to take a risk however one thing you can say is this. "I'M SORRY I'M NOT INTERESTED IN PAYING $700. I CAN FIND AND TRY TO PUT A BOOK TOGETHER MYSELF AND COME BACK AND ONCE I'VE SEEN YOU ARE WORKING FOR ME PERHAPS WHEN I NEED TO UPDATE MY PHOTOS I CAN DO SO." IF the AGENCY refuses then YES IT IS AFTER YOUR MONEY!!! However ORANGE was very willing to let me go ponder the contract and come back the next day to pay the fee if I chose. When I called to express my concerns about ORANGE SCAMS. THEY CALLED ME BACK, TO DISCUSS THE SCAMS..AND WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. THE THING IS THIS------ELITE HAS BEEN KNOWN TO SCAM. FORD HAS BEEN KNOWN TO RIP OFF CLIENTS...IN FACT MOST OF THESE TOP AGENCIES ARE NOT SURVIVING WHY? BECAUSE MAGAZINES ARE NOT SELLING MUCH ANYMORE WITH AN INTERNET MARKET. WAKE-UP PEOPLE THE WORLD IS CHANGING...VOGUE ITALY I BELIEVE IS GOING UNDER. NOBODY INVESTS IN PAPER ANYMORE. AND WITH ALL THE PEOPLE WILLING TO DO THINGS FOR FREE, THIS LEAVES ACTORS AND MODELS ALIKE IN THE DUST. HOWEVER----if you wish to build your portfolio for free, is a great place to start. YOU WILL MEET ALL TYPES SO USE YOUR KEEN EYE!!! AND YOU WILL MEET MORE TALENTED PEOPLE THEN YOU COULD EVER POSSIBLY DREAM OF WORKING ON YOU! My advice, use your instinct. DON'T BE SO QUICK TO JUDGE OR CALL A SCAM. YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR OWN CAREER, IF YOU PAY $700, QUESTION WHERE YOUR PHOTOS ARE, IF YOU ARE NOT GETTING CALLS BASED ON YOUR PHOTOS, IT MEANS YOU NEED NEW ONES AND BY MANY DIFFERENT PEOPLE. YOU CANNOT GET CALLS BASED ON ONE OR TWO PHOTOS FROM ONE PHOTOGRAPHER. EACH PHOTOGRAPHER HAS A DIFFERENT EYE, WORKS WITH DIFFERENT MAKE-UP ARTISTS AND DIFFERENT PEOPLE SO THE OUTCOME IS ALWAYS DIFFERENT. The same you in a different light. I haven't made my decision to sign or not sign but this is one thing, for the past several years all I see are number 1's everywhere, when I look at the clock it's 11:11 or 1:11, and well needless to say when I was walking to ORANGE i looked up and saw 111 as the address, a sign? Who knows, but rather odd to me and if you believe in angels numbers 111 is the sign of golden I sign, don't I, only I can figure that out. BUT, having been on all ends of the diving board, I can honestly say, I WON'T BE GOING IN STUPIDLY OR NAIVELY. BUT HELL if someone wants to take care of all the paper work and internet fees, then by all means great. BUT PEOPLE, YOU EVEN HAVE TO PAY TO GET YOUR TAXES DONE. YOU PAY FOR WORKSHOPS, YOU PAY FOR YOGA, YOU PAY FOR EVERYTHING, WHY IS IT THAT THE ARTISTS WORLD, IS THE ONLY WORLD WHERE EVERYONE WANTS SOMETHING FOR NOTHING AND THAT INCLUDES----ALL THE PEOPLE WHO CONSTANTLY HIRE ACTORS AND DON'T PAY THEM. IF Working with an orange is a risk to getting paid work, It's one I am willing to do, but just so you know, A very elite agency in NY, also asked me to pay $175 for my comp cards however after I had booked work and been with them awhile, they said they would be willing to pay for my new comp cards. WHY SHOULD EVERY AGENCY PAY FOR YOU WHEN THEY AREN'T EVEN SURE IF YOU WILL MAKE THEM MONEY!!! THAT'S LIKE SAYING TO YOUR CAR INSURANCE GUY, LISTEN JUST PUT THE INSURANCE ON WITHOUT ME PAYING FOR IT, I WILL GUARANTEE NOT TO GET INTO AN ACCIDENT. WAKE-UP AND EVERYONE START TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEMSELVES...THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!! USE YOUR OWN INTUITION AND OWN JUDGEMENT and please stop thinking anything in this world is free, nobody is famous without having to have paid something...sold something...whether it was their dignity, body, paid for classes, nothing in this world comes at no cost. REMEMBER THAT!!!

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