Optima Battery / Optima yellow top 12v

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Purchased an optima yellow top battery purchased 2-25-17 at autozone for $179.99 plus tax. On 3-17-17, the car the battery was installed in (A prius) would not start normally and we had to call roadside assistance for a jump start. The car was then driven approximately fifty minutes and parked overnight. The next morning, the car failed to start again. Never imagining that the brand new expensive battery would be defective, we had the car towed to toyota. Upon diagnostics, we were told the battery was defective. Since we needed the car in running condition, we allowed them to replace the battery.

Attempted to return the defective battery to autozone. They insisted they had to "test" the battery themselves which they did. They fully admit the battery is defective. But the only resolution they will offer is a replacement. We do not want another optima! This battery left my daughter stranded in chicago after being in serve less than one month. We want a full refund!

Mar 19, 2017

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