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I had the initial consultation carried out on 21/01/2017 regarding laser eye surgery.
I explained the reason for this was because I was experiencing "Halo's" around lights whilst driving at night and found this to be of a concern, and was informed that this was common for wearers of contact lenses.
As they require full payment 10 days prior to surgery, and my scheduled date was close to that period I decided to pay the full amount on the day the consultation was carried out.
However I was required to have a further consultation with the surgeon prior to attending the surgery this is where I was advise by the surgeon that there was no guarantee that this Halo effect would be removed or reduced, in fact he stated that it could be made worse.
For this reason I contacted Optical Express and told them that as it was not suitable, I no longer considered an option for myself.
Optical Express promised a full refund to be pai in 28 working days.
To date, and after many numerous calls and emails to the account department, I have had no success in obtaining my refund.
Please help with this issue, this company is withholding my £5990.00 illegally.

Mar 31, 2017

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