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Who can explain this thing to me? How does it actually work?
I put several items in my cart and periodically checked it to see how much money I would have paid if I had bought them at once.
While I was scrolling down the pages, I was distracted by my ringing phone and forgot about the website.
3 weeks later I received a package from Opensky with all of the items that were in my cart!!! I swear to god I have never ordered them. I am absolutely sure.
And of course, only then I noticed that my credit card was charged. So much money!! Whose fault is this and who to blame? I repeat I am absolutely sure I left all of the items in the cart and never ordered anything!!!

Nov 15, 2017
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  • Mi
      Dec 08, 2017

    The same thing happened to me with a few differences. I was looking at the articles for sale and I put one in my cart.I went to look at something similar and put it in the cart to compare. When I went to put the next article in, the first was gone. I went back and put the first article i the cart and the second item was gone. I let it go and was going to go back after looking through some more items. i gathered a few items in the cart and added the first item again. I kept looking and found another item, so I put it in the cart and noticed all items were gone. i thought, I give up. This has some glitch and I don't need anything anyways. The next day when I looked at my emails my bank had notified me about some transactions that looked fraudulent.To my surprise, everything I had put in the cart was ordered and it had been preauthorized because they had my account #. I tried to contact Open Sky.but there was no #, so I eailed them about every item. I called the bank and they preferred I come in. They listened to my story and were very kind in wanting to help. They too looked to find a #.They had to let the transactions go through before they could help. Now finding their #, I will call and find out why they have done this.

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  • Bu
      Feb 04, 2018

    I did the same thing u did. I purchased from NuWave and while I was looking around “Blue Sky” came up and I was browsing. I also saw something I liked so I put into my cart. I then went back to NuWave to finish up and didn’t go back to Blue Sky. Couple days later I had an email saying my purchase from Blue Sky was on its way. I didn’t complete my ordering and didn’t think too much of coming from Blue Sky. Only way they could get my bank info was from NuWave. I also have been to my bank. They are going to work with me to get my $ back. The 2packages that we’re sent to me were returned via US Postal service. It’s been over a week now so back to the bank I go.
    Cheryl G. Please Respond on complaint board as I would like to talk with others who have had this happen.

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