Ooredoogetting connected to home broadband/television

About three weeks ago I made an application to have my home broad band/television reconnected from my old house in Al Kheesa Gate to Lusail. I mentioned to move on the 17th November and requested to be connected at that same day.
To my surprise my old home broad band was switched off 1 day before the date agreed upon. I called the same day to 115 since I didn't got a confirmation of moving my connection. It appeared that there was no survey done. I was called on Sunday for a survey on Monday 19 November from 4-8 pm. Nobody showed up or called. Reclaiming at 115 the next day, I got a new appointment for Thursday from 4-8 pm. Nobody showed up or called again. I reclaimed on the 24th again to 115. I would get called the 25th the latest for a connection appointment; according to the support the waiting was on the technical report. The 25th I called 115 again; the one at the phone mentioned to me the survey team would make a new appointment again to survey the building. It appears that all previous info I got was not correct. Every time people ensure me that this time all will go well. Also very curious is that I gave my phone number [protected] as the primary number; but for some reason the call center people tell me every time the survey called the secondary number, I dont know why. My wife doesn't answer unknown numbers.
Bottom line, I don't believe my experience is in line with what Ooredoo should offer to their clients. Previously there was a proper solution available, Ooredoo provided a wireless router for the time being. For some reason this proper solution is no longer available. I believe that to be a big mistake. Now a customer suffers from Ooredoo not being able to provide proper service.
In Europe the you get more delivered for less than 25% of the price; and what I am facing now here in Qatar would never happen there.
My account numner is [protected]

Nov 25, 2018

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