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Chandler, AZ, United States
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Zulily used them for deliveries in my area and with Zulily, once they sell an item you cannot replace it. After ordering 6 times and only receiving 3 packages (50% delivery rate) I stopped ordering from them because it was to frustrating and embarrassing to keep asking for refunds.
Then Amazon (I am a PRIME member) used them and my PRIME package didn't arrive...they usually use UPS. When I tracked it and saw OnTrac I had a FIT! My account is now flagged to never use OnTrac again.
Now today I just found out the a Kohls order was split in two. Part was shipped from the east coast and I received it last week, and the other was shipped from the West Coast (were I live) and I was just notified it is "lost" after I asked OnTrac to track it!
What, are these people are making side money selling on eBay?

May 17, 2017

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