Online Ster-Kinekor / took my money - no booking

On the 15 april 2017 at 20:30pm... I went online - booked my tickets, took my money (Received my sms - the money went off) no reference.. No confirmation... But my money is gone
I immediately phoned [protected]... The lady said no booking on ster kinekor side, she cannot explain why the booking is not made but funds were taken.
I must send a statement for refund..
This is very inconvenient because my money is taken but cannot find my tickets... Surely u are able to monitor my movement online to trace.
I phoned again this morning 16/04/2017 spoke to another agent who confirms that this does happen, to just send a statement for a refund
Easy to say just...
Please please please.. Trace my transaction online at 20:30 on the 15/04/2017 as proof of my transaction
Please give me back my money, without any inconvenience

Apr 16, 2017

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