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PLEASE DO NOT USE OLD REPUBLIC HOME WARRANTY unless you like throwing money away! I'm a realtor and use to recommend this company to all my friends and clients, BUT NO MORE!!
I have OHRP on two of myown personal properties and have had two major complaints with this company. My first major complaint was not handled with customer service so I had to go to the Vice President for assistance which I received NO resolution to my complaint from her either. My second complaint I didn't even bother with my complaints since I knew the VP wouldn't do anything anyway. They have a do not care attitude and it is obvious when communicating with any of them.
One major complaint I have is about an A/C Central Unit.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Lafayette, LAI have had them come out to fix the unit for 2 seasons now and they do the same thing over and over...CLEAN IT and charge me to do it (not covered). Nothing else is done. I have complained and they do nothing. Their customer service is non existant, and as for their upper management they are just as useless.
Let me recommend another company for people to try, I have contacted the representative (since i'm a realtor I know the representative) for another company (American Home Shield) I asked her how her company would handle such a situation regarding my A/C issue and was informed in writing that I would not be charged for cleanings the company, American Home Shield, takes care of that I would never pay for this. I have already switched one of my warranties over to AHS and I'm in the process of switching the other warranty I have as well to AHS. Good Luck to all that use Old Rebublic!!

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  • Eu
      Jun 23, 2010

    I am so happy to read that a real estate person has stopped referring clients to Old Republic Home Warranty. We bought an older house several months ago and the real estate agent recommended Old Republic--but after we had problems with the toilets and hot water heater, we discovered that Old Republic uses the medical insurance concept of "pre-existing condition" to refuse services. They literally make their money by not providing service. Viturally everything in my house would not qualify for their service because the original cause of the malfunction--and I mean "original cause" in an extreme way---had to have happened within the several months that we bought the house. So...when our hotwater heater started making very loud noise like it was going to jump through the wall--they said because of the previous owners had not flushed out the hot water heater frequently over 10 years--it was a pre existing condition. What they didn't know was there is a water softener and several previous plumbers (independent of Old Republic) had said the hot water heater should last forever because of the quality of the water softener. Good for you! A home buyer

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  • Sc
      Jul 22, 2010

    Comments for the agent in Lafayette, the AHS rep mislead you. AHS doesn't cover for cleaning - you might have recieved this in writing, but, this it not correct at all. If you want the truth call the service center.

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