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Old Republic / Home Warranty / Refuse to replace but wants to repair, repair, repair, repair!

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February 28, 2008, I had a repair done to my refrigerator through Old Republics contractors. it is now March 26, 2008 and my unit is still broken. I have had the blower fan and the main circuit boards replaced TWICE, and still, my temp is 59 degrees.
This company appears to unwilling to honor REPLACEMENT which they sell policies by. They prefer to repair while I live without a refrigerator. Two family members have gotten food poisoning the day after the second repair because I foolishly trusted that the fixed unit was fixed. The temp is dangerously high.

I think they ruined the GE warranty on it when they removed the box in the back, so now I'm stuck dealing with this joke of a warranty company. Home buyers, spare yourself this ridiculous company hassle. I think I'll end up in small claims over this because my unit was only a couple years old and $1300 new. If they said they were a repair company, fine, but they said repair or replace.

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  • Ms
      28th of Mar, 2008
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    I discussed alternative options with Old Republic, like allowing Sears to come in and fix it same day (as they have parts on the truck ususally) but I'm told I may do so if I accept $180 to settle my claim out.
    I declined. I have been asked if I am refusing the repairmen. Absolutely NOT. I will let this be an issue until the Insurance Commision gets involed or my unit is fixed or replaced.

    Today, I'm told they authorized another repair to the same guys, which I initially did not want, as I'm now told they can use refurbished parts, but now I'm fine with it. I'm going to stay with the same repairmen and I'm going to monitor everything they remove, touch or exchange and I'm keeping my parts. I have to wait until April 2 for the parts to come in and then schedule this again.

    E-Mail from "Gary Vistalli" to "Ms. Neubauer" (
    Fri, 28 Mar 2008 07:08:53 -0700
    Dear Ms. Neubauer,

    This response is regarding the recent complaint you filed regarding the service reuest for your refigerator.
    On behalf of Old Republic Home Protection and it's employees, please accept my sincere apologies for the circumstances you related in your letter.
    Please contact my associate, Ms. Solis, at 800-445-6999 ext 445 so we may have the opportunity to review your file and determine how your service request can be resolved.


    Gary Vistalli
    Claims Manager


    Mr. Vistalli, I believe good customer service means you should have called me. You know who I am and you have my number. Your staff member identified you as the legal department.
    Claims Manager is hardly legal department. A legit organization wouldnt mislead customers.
    Having accepted $395 a year from every home owner that is misled into a contract with you, you should know that eventually you have to pay out.
    I'm not settling.
    I'm not atarting over with a new team of repairmen when you decide these guys couldnt fix it.
    To do this otherwise might be decieving, dont you think?

  • Ms
      7th of Apr, 2008
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    9 days later, refridgerator still not working and no compensation that the Insurance commission said was mandatory.
    "A warranty insurance company cannot leave you without a means of safely storing food."

    I think I'll go back to the ones that make the rules and see it through

  • Ms
      5th of May, 2008
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    Old Republic, let me remind you now, after 6 "repirs"


    In knowing how you operate, I'm aware it would be the ugliest thing you can find. Customers do not fathom how low you all go until its too late.
    I know SEARS can fix it...but seeing as you are paying them nearly nothing, they
    wont. I am not giving up until this is resolved, and when it is, I will post it. Customers deserve to know how you handle yourselves. And the state does as well.

    Two people in the last month made choices different because of this and let me know it. One sold, one bought. Neither one used a warranty company. SMART.

    today, last appt of the day, of course, is my next "repair". This might just make youtube, its too funny.

  • Cg
      20th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I totally agree w/ the OP compaining about Old Republic, they are double chicken ###, they take your money at the closing table, and when you call the up later their comment is "oh, well we dont cover that", , What the hell do you cover? Your employees dont have a clue to what customer servce & relations is all about, , bunch of ###S!! Refund my money and I'll pay for the repairs myself The State of Texas Attorney General's Ofc needs to give you a swift kick in the ###! Then maybe you'll stop blowing people off and RIPPING the m off!

  • Me
      27th of May, 2009
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    old republic is the worst commpany i have ever seen.they refuse to do anything.i am gone take them to small claim court.

  • Co
      19th of Feb, 2010
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    I think that all of your complaints are completly irrational. The orhp plan is very specific about whats covered and whats not. Do you even know what comprehensive means?? This means that there is no hidden fine print, everything you need to know about this coverage is listed in black and white, If you dont have a copy of your plan, Its real simple to call them and request one. Dont be shocked and surprised when something is not covered when the plan says that its not. Just read the ###ing plan, you ###s, and there shouldnt be any problems. I can imagine the people who work for the company who have to deal with dummies who cant read.

  • Al
      5th of Nov, 2010
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    These complaints are entertaining, someone should do a show about them, hilarious...

    "Don't be shocked and surprised when something is not covered when the plan says that its not."

    Do ya think?

  • De
      1st of Dec, 2010
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    I have a heater that quit working. The technician has been out 3 times now, requiring time off from work and NO HEAT over Thanksgiving weekend while having a housefull of company!!! One part was replaced, and now another. The service technician is recommending a new unit but Old Republic wants him to go out again! For what? The guy is f*'ing stumped! I am pissed.

  • Fr
      28th of Jan, 2011
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    I wish I would have found this site before selecting Old Republic.. Although I know some of these stories are frustrating.. Mine is really unbelievable.. First of all, I work for a large corporation, one of the companies under the umbrella is a Warranty company. I say this to make sure you understand, I fully understand what "comprehensive coverage" means..
    4 weeks ago, we called Old Republic when our downstairs heating unit quit working.. We were concerned because it was 2 days before a winter storm was going to hit. After waiting on hold when calling in for 34 minutes, the claims specialist said they would send a company out to fix the heating unit. When he arrived, in about 30 minutes, he proudly exclaimed, "Fixed it.." When we asked what the issue was, he tried to dance around a bit with the details but was very happy that it was working and went on his way.. 45 minutes after he left, it stopped again... We called the repairman back and he said we had to call Old Republic again to open another ticket.. So, we did just that... Another 30 minutes on hold before they answered and said they would send them back out.. Over the next 2 days, this happened 2 more times...same thing.. new blower moter put in, unit worked 30 minutes and shut down again.. new igniter, unit worked 30 minutes and shut down again. (they said new, but being in the industry, I realized it was "like-kind" parts most likely. Regardless, the first winter storm hit and our lower level dropped to 48 degrees in our home. Guess what, repairman couldn't come out to look at it again for his 4th visit of the week because, "Mr. Brady, there's a winter storm going on and we can't get out in this stuff" So, my family gets to freeze thru the storm.. I went and bought 200 dollars worth of firewood to ensure we had heat in the living room at least.. Storm passes, repairman comes back 2 days later... Keep in mind, we are now a week into no heat and through the 1st of 3 winter storm warnings that would hit our city in a 3 week period! When the repairman came back after storm 1, he said, "I'm a great mechanic and I just can't figure it out. You'll have to call Old Republic and have them send a different company" WOW... so... calmly, we did just that. This new company sends a repairman who tinkers with it for 10 minutes, gets it to work and says, "I'll be in your area all day, so if it stops again, call me and I'll come back by." Sure enough, an hour later, it stops again, so we call the repairman.. He says, "I used sandpaper on the igniter due to some corrosion and thought that was the issue" (now, wouldn't the "master mechanic who first came out to fix it" have noticed that? ESPECIALLY since the first guy reportedly 'replaced the igniter'... hmmm.. Anyway, the second repair company mechanic says, "I'm going to order some parts but due to the winter storm coming tonight, it may take a few days to get here.." Thats right, my family was about to endure the 2nd winter storm in the city with no heat... so...storm hits, family freezes again... Storm goes thru in 2 days and no call from anyone.. We call back in and are told, "The part isn't in yet, I could tell you it will be here tomorrow but you'll just be mad at me if it doesn't make it in.." Wow again... So...2 days later, Winter storm 3 hits the city...I went out and bought several space heaters just to ensure our families safety due to the temperatures in our home.. 3rd storm passes, repairman comes out today and is here literally 5 minutes and rings the doorbell and says, "you'll never guess what... we ordered the wrong part".. Ohhh... don't worry, it gets better.. Old Republic calls me a few hours after the guy leaves and says, "Mr. Brady, I received your email and wanted to call. I am sorry for your troubles but I see that the repairman is there today and the problem is resolved".. I about died laughing... I told him my wife was on the other line with the repairman and they ordered the wrong part, to which he replied, "well, our systems don't update until the end of the day".. What? You just told me 30 seconds earlier, "I see the problem has been resolved"... WOW again... so..the guy says, "I'll call the repair company and follow up on this personally".. that was noon today and still no call from the Old Republic guy... however, the repairman called and said, "good news, the actual part you needed is in Nashville and I'll go pick it up and be back in an hour"... (Im about to die because I realize if they had ordered the right part originally, I wouldn't have had to endure winter storm number 3) Repairman comes back, installs a "control panel" and it fires up and works for a whole hour... and then.. shuts down again.. We call Old Republic and they say, "We'll send a different company out tomorrow"... Holy Cow... 3 companies, all these parts and STILL, we have the same original issue, heater wont work... I realize that the repair companies are a majority of the blame here but Old Republic bears the ultimate responsibility to take care of their policy holders.. We are 2 1/2 weeks into the original claim of "heater not working." We have weathered 3 winter storms during these 2 1/2 weeks with NO HEAT... Not a single offering of a different solution from Old Republic. The good news is that one of our new clients is our new Governer whom I will be having dinner with in early March... I am nearly fluent in the Insurance Commissions regulations in our State as I sat on the Insurance Commission Board 3 years ago... I have remained very calm when trying to resolve this issue with Old Republic but after all of this, my patience has worn as thin as thin can be.. I am not a sue happy person... I think frivolous lawsuits are an issue overall in our society, but if this issue isn't resolved in the next week, I'm about to take this to a whole new level..
    Could I go out and buy a new heating unit.. sure.. I make a great income as a Sr. Executive with my company, but I PURCHASED A WARRANTY FOR THESE TYPES OF ISSUES and will not bend.. I will spend $10 grand on ads in every metro city classified in the country to gather others who have had similar issues.. I will spend the money to research the best consumer advocacy attorney in the country who I believe would be able to find grounds for class action..but... I remain calm in the hopes that the issue is remedied.. If the next repair company they send tells me "I fixed it" only to leave and have the issue resurface in an becomes personal and no longer professional... I left the gentleman listed above a voicemail this evening as it seemed to be a "ray of light" to have someones actual contact info with the company...Whether he's a Claims Manager, or works in the legal department... at least I hope to be speaking with someone in the next 24 hrs that isn't answering a phone bank and reading from a script.. I'll repost tomorrow after talking with him and let you know if Old Republic, once a Sr. Manager is involved, stands by their policy or not.. I am holding out faith that they will...

  • Pe
      10th of May, 2011
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    Well what was the outcome? MY daughter is having the same issue only they have told her she has to pay the deductible each time the new repairman comes out AND that she had to pay to have the until cleaned which cost her $300 over and above the deductible and it's still not working, yet another part is being ordered, a true rip off, i am calling the better business bureau.

  • Ha
      8th of Feb, 2012
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    The ###ing ORHP plan will not cover any thing if you bougt a hous. Each time you called them you had to pay $60 deductible and they would tell you the problem was existed before yo bought insurance from ORHP, so the problem was not covered by the ###ing ORHP plan and they would not repair for you.

  • Em
      8th of Dec, 2012
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    We have seriously had awesome experiences with Old Republic. We bought our house four years ago and every time we have had to call them out they have repaired the item in quesiton. Every year the plan has paid for itself (except for this year, I don't think we have had to use it - but the piece of mind it gives is worth $700 per year). I just renewed for the 5th year. When you have a 60 year old house plans like this one help you sleep a little better at night :)

  • Xi
      5th of May, 2015
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    I bought my house on July 1, 2014 and September 2014 the water-line from my house to main line has cracked underneath. I contacted Old Republic Home Warranty and they sent a plumber to do a visual check. The plumber contacted them back saying that it will cost around $4, 000 to $6, 000 to do a repair. The Old Republic refused to pay for the repair and I the situation was an emergency. I had to contact a different plumbing company to do the repair. It cost $4500.00. The Old Republic refused to refund my money back and they offered me $250 as a gift. They charged me $80 for co-payment. I refused to pay the $80, now they sent it to the collection agency. Another problem in my house on November was the bathtub leaked. I contacted the Old Republic again and they refused to pay for the repair. Can someone give me an opinion on this? All the real estate and title company should review all the complaint and stop selling Old Republic Home Warranty to new buyers.

  • Re
      22nd of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes

    Here is a list of what they are flat out guilty in my situation: Elder Abuse in Real Estate Transactions Under 2000 Revisions of Elder Abuse Act. Elder Abuse Claim not subject to MICRA. Aiding and Abetting a criminal that they sent out to repair items in my home (instead they vandalized it). False and misleading advertising. Deliberately scamming customers. Knowingly sending out "workers" without licenses/permits/insurance for jobs over $500.00. Breach of contract. Breach of good faith and fair dealiongs. Violation of Ca Civil Code 1710 (3) and Ca Business and Professional Code 17200. Deceptive Trade Practices. Violation of Consumer Legal Remedies Act. How is that for a list!

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