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My Old Navy credit card limit is $1, 750 which I never reached; I've had it for 3 yrs. Just recently I paid off the existing balance (approx. $800). My last statement was received on Nov. 30 2008, requiring a minimum payment of $10 with a balance of $60.00. A couple of weeks later I went to my local Old Navy store to purchase some things and when I gave the clerk my credit card she announced it was declined. She then called customer service, where she as well as myself were informed that my credit limit had been decreased to $100 and that a letter had been sent to me on Dec. 4th. I was purchasing Dec. 6th. I understand that any and all changes in credit limits should be notified PRIOR to the actual decrease. I did not know of the decrease until I went to the store to purchase. Is that legal? I've been reading and I know that lots of companies are decreasing their lines of credit, but isn't there a law that protects the consumer of going through this type of embarassing encounter? I paid for the items cash, but I found the incident to be very degrading and undeserveful. I have always paid on time and have a very good credit rate. Please advise is there is any legal action for lack of proper notification. Thank you.

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      Feb 14, 2009

    This happened to me as well but thankfully didn't have the embarrassment. I happened to open a letter in the mail. I didn't really read it because normally credit cards send letters to notify you of an increase. I say the amount $150 and just assumed they were increasing my limit. I come to find out when I went to pay my bill on line that I had a balance of $151 and some change and that my credit limit was $150. My credit limit a month prior was somehwere arounr $1200. I have paid off my credit card on two occassions since I;ve had it (3 years) both in the amounts of $700 - $800. Needless to say I was a little upset. I felt that I have been a loyal customer and shop Old Navy quite often. I have never made a late payment and have paid off the card twice. I will be cancelling my card once I full pay it off again and will probably not shop there as much given my small line of credit. I think this is ridiculous and doesn't help the company to keep their loyal customers. The thing that bothers me the most is Old Navy literaly shoves their credit cards down your through when you come in to brouse and then make a purchase but then they do this. Just think this isn't good for business.

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