Ocwen Loan Servicing / Refund of escrow

Hi my name is Tina Dellinger
my aunt passed away oct 28 2015. I then paid the mortgage off with my money. Out of my bank account. 4 people signed papers stating a vested interest in the property. when a foreclosure was in process their attorney sent papers to Kay Ann Sleeger, Gloria Seitz, Candy Seitz, Larry Dellinger and Tina Dellinger so the loss would have went on all of our credit. As of this point Gloria passed in 2004 car accident, , Candy in 2014 of overdose, Kay 2015 heart failure. My dad william seitz jan 2016 was murdered. so the escrow dept owes me $681.00 and $77.00 from an over-payment.. They are refusing to refund the monies by transfer back to my account..Also refusing to issue the checks in my name.. Why should i have to pay for a court order to get the money back or have to pay inheritance tax on money that is legally mine...[protected] n Susquehanna trail york pa 17406

Mar 11, 2016

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