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Nuvell / harrassment and mistreatment

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Nuvell has harrassed and harrassed me - I had to pay my payment at the end of the month - the 25th for the first two years of the loan - I paid the same every month it was a few days past the due date. They called me at work - called me a ### - called my family etc. It was horrible - I managed to get ahead one month on the payment - and they still manage to treat me like ###. I've paid 2 weeks early for years now - and I called and asked if I could skip a payment - I was told I had to call back on my due date - so I called back - and they said their new policy is NO! They said I had plenty of time to make the payment (you know that day). They are awful - I told the lady I hate dealing with this ###ing company (cause I was mad). She said could you repeat that - which I did - and she said I was in trouble now - honesty is a crime at Nuvell apparently. I can't believe a Ford company sold me a car and financed to such a horrible company - it's been really awful - I hate the car now - and will never buy another Ford - because of it. And tell everyone do not use Nuvell - you will regret it. There is something not right about this company

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  • Jo
      14th of Nov, 2008
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    You made an angreement with Nuvell that you would make a payment by a certain date each month. When you signed the contract you acknowledged that you agreed with the due date and would make the payment BY or ON that date, not a few days after. Even one day after the due date is LATE! It's a LATE PAYMENT! And don't blame Ford for any of your problems. They didn't force you to buy or finance the vehicle through Nuvell. You could've said "no thank you".

    Why would you expect anyone to be nice to you after you started cursing? ("I hate dealing with this ###ing company"). It's not the Customer Service girl's fault that you can't make your payment. She has rules to follow and I'm sure can't just let anyone skip a car payment. What are you thinking? A simple entry level position can't make decisions like that or everyone would call her to miss a payment. You should quit ### and start getting your priorities right. You need a vehicle obviously, so pay it or lose the car. Bottom line.

  • Nu
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    HAHAHAH hell yeah ### Nuvell, they suck massive Mandingo sized ###! Collections reps are basically modern day slaves with headsets...sauntering to work every morning like a scene reminiscent of the beginning of Dawn Of The Dead. I would blow my ###ing head clean off if I had to do what they do at 40-50 years old. Calling people and harrassing them for payments, calling damn near 10 times a day till they come in contact with somebody. Working forced overtime hours and slaving away at a computer until before you know it you've gained 20 pounds from sitting on your ### all day and you come home with a perpetual headache...all for a measly $100-$200 bonus check. What a goddamn joke. Plus the hourly pay is below average. It's quite ### to me. So you basically come to work to do a dead-end job fit for high school educated level miscreants, with no hope of advancing anywhere in the upper echelon of the company, unless of course you happen to have a Masters or some ###. It's a sad state of affairs, and the most depressing part is there are people actually happy to live that way. I'd rather have swallow a cyanide pill and blow my brains out for good measure.

    and then, when you really think about, it's all a big game anyways. It's all part of a giant system. The entire Finance business is game of cat and mouse. "Hey we'll finance your overpriced vehicle, give you this ridiculous interest rate, you'll agree to it because, well ###, you NEED transportation. Then, once you inevitably start making delinquent payments, we'll blow your ###ing cellular and work phone up til we get what we want. Rinse, wash, repeat." So glad I got out of that monotonous way of life.

    ### Nuvell, National Auto Finance, GMAC as a record company, staff and a crew, and if you wanna be down with them then ### YOU TOO! - 2Pac

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