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Non-for-profit / Identity theft & Fraud

1 319 Dempster St. apt. 311, Evanston, IL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 773 991 4034

I have been in three of the homeless shelters; Salvation Army, Lincoln park (shelter) I sign up through D.H.S, for housing in which I was told if, I got on med's my housing would be free through a Director Janise Finney office by her assistance Sonny Jacob's I explained to him I don't need med's I just needed a place to stay this man forged my name to a mental list of, Thresholds I was place in a hell hole in which was as far as I am concern a legal crack-house ran by a crooked manager named Gregg Walker also the people that controlled him.

At that time my case-workers were, Sam Guardino and a Peter Coufman or Kauthman in which I was introduce to inside of Janice Finney office. My apartment as this one had been entered when I was out or at work, I complained finally I moved out of the Norman House on Wilson Meacon but before that I was framed and arrested two block away from the Norman house months later I was framed again and was arrested by 023 district officers by the same crooked cop who were involved

I filed with OPS both times I suspect that OPS has buried the officers mis-conduct in which I had filed involving twice of 023 and once with 024 this is true.

In the first arrest; Officers Michael White, Rea's, and their boss Mark Schmitt decided to target me. You see there was a sweep that was happing in the area of Uptown also the Condo's were going up also Target's was breaking ground and these

Condo's needed to be filled so low income people either had to leave or get arrested as, I was one of those who was targeted. You see before that" I had been riding the ale almost for 4 years three of though months I stay in a rat trap called the Norman House I had a storage called Life storage now called Simply storage I guess 023 district was angry because their case was thrown out I didn't do any time in which
I was framed anyway I was innocent and all of a sudden my storage was entered from the top of my storage unit I complained but again it didn't do any good the manger who was involved b-rived the cop the cop would not give a his name nor his badge #.

The manager Dale who was moved along with his assistants managers Valerie and Dominique I went to court but as I explained 024 district with the help of 023 district had more money than I, Judge Dennis McGuire dis-mis my case all the time ' I was in the right they were in the wrong, then Entry Point aka, Hilda's Place aka, connections shortly after staying in my storage, just in the nick of time; of the storage company telling me I couldn't rent from them any more also one of the clients

Had told Becky Feiler that I had plans on filing on connections for the length of time I had been sign up with them I should of had a apartment she ask me not file a compliant then my place became ready within 2 weeks in my stay in these places of 319 Dempster My unit has been illegally entered several times no help from the police nor Connections. Connections that get federal funding from Washington

From our congresswomen Jan Schakowsky why won't either of these institutions investigate some of the people they put in some of these SRO I suspect that they don't want to crime is money. I see clients being use as pit bulls in a rather larger space called a shelter some caseworkers as well as some directors with Ph.D treating.

Some of their clients as they were children as in the Willie Lynch and Jim Crow saga
using the young against the old the strong against the weak. Many of the people in need of a place to stay also in need of a job in which many of the people that come there are coming from broken homes of prison also many of them there because of the system that failed them and many are not so what do we have here some innocent with some not so innocent and some of the people in-charge who really don't care.

What happens to them" We have some women in which are sickly physically who are shared with the some men also staff knowing of this sickness. The SRO building in which I am in seem as if it is a experimental housing program the police department also knows of a problem but will not help because they're hand are tie with the shelters. Our children some of them are place on Ritalin in school so they can cope

By the time they reach upper level or even High school if they make it will be a harder drug to cope and then they will be ready for new a place to stay it may be jail or maybe a shelter I have seen more corruption with inside these so called non-for-pro-groups and I don't have a Ph.D as some of the people in charge who are letting this happen. If we as a whole focus on America we would not have this problem also
I know I have place myself on a list in which I again may be a target from those I have mentioned but I just keeping it real. I was told by a the director also I suspect

The executive director that if I didn't pay the two months that I miss because creeps were in my apartment also I wanted a answer from connection or the police in which I still haven't gotten but I since have payed more than what my regular rent I suspect that there crew may make and attempt to do something to me this is how some of the non-for-profit groups are or as one of them told me this is how they rolled.

I am Ronald Williams


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    HI! Brenda!

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    Well, being unfashionable IS the least of my concern, Brenda.

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