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I too thought this as a US company when I purchased a Redskins jersey for myself in January. The jersey is a knockoff. It is not great quality and the size is was off from what a normal fit in any particular size would be. Add to that the fact that the nameplate looked like it was just thrown on there - it was not even straight! There were no confirmation emails and when the package arrived, there was no packing slip or any other type of receipt. I had to email the third party company that handled the credit card payment in order to request refund information. I went back and forth with them five times before I finally received a response from the Chinese company that had sent the product. They gave me an address to send the jersey back to, but I do not trust returning it because I can't be sure I will ever get my money back! Please don't ever shop on this site (Of course currently the site is shut down).

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  • Be
      Jan 31, 2011 - These jerseys come from China and are basically knockoffs of Reebok
    United States

    These jerseys come from China and are basically knockoffs of Reebok. They do not tell you before you order that they are coming from China. They make their site look like the NFL's, but have nothing to do with the NFL. The jersey quality is just OK, but the JETS logo is not correct on the one I bought, in addition, the sizing is about a size to a size and a half too small. Returning the jersey to china is a hassle so I'm eating my mistake.

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  • Br
      Feb 07, 2011 - Don't buy from them
    United States

    I purchased an NFL jersey for my son. I thought the company was a US company, but when I received the jersey I found it was shipped from China. The jersey did not fit correctly and was not the quality I expected. In going back to the website I realized that there was no contact phone # just an email, nflcustomjerseys AT I emailed to get an authorizatio #, which the website states I need to return the shirt and I received an offer to replace the jersey for an additional $30 in shipping. I told them that I only want a refund and that the website gives you 45 days to return merchandise for said refund. They wrote back offering a discounted jersey. I, again told them that I wanted a refund. They will not respond to my emails and will not give me the authorization number and shipping address. As of today the website is unavailable and it is my hope they have been shut down. In the event that it is still operating please advise consumers NOT to purchase products from them.

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  • Na
      Feb 17, 2011 - Do yourself a favor and don't buy from here
    United States

    DO NOT BUY this is a scam. The website is at times not available. You don't get a confirmation email directly from the company, just the charge card company and the tracking numbers are fake. Currently working with my bank to get this fixed. Do yourself a favor and don't buy from here. BAD BAD BAD. SCAM SCAM SCAM...

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  • Bl
      Jun 29, 2011

    I bought 2 Giants jerseys from this site and never had a problem. And the price for a stiched Jersey is much fairer than ANY NFL shop etc...I would by from them again and again.

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