Newsmax AftershockUnauthorized Credit Card Charge

Unauthorized charge on Discover card, supposedly by my father via the Internet: 1. My father does not have a Discover card; although the account is in his name, my mother has sole possession of the card which she uses for very specific purchases. 2. My father does not know how to order over the Internet. 3. This upsets me the most: when I called, they readily agreed to refund the charges but asked that we please not notify the credit card company! I told them that I felt compelled to notify Discover and they warned that it would take longer to refund the charge and the card number might have to be changed. Whereas, they could just refund the charge and "put a freeze" on any further use of that credit card number. I'd like to know where/how they got the number to begin with! They can't answer that...

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