New York & Company Corporate Officecredit card issuance

Suddenly I get notice thru the mail that I can have insurance placed on my Comenity Bank, 300 dollar charge card to NY&C. I called and told them I did not know what they were talking about, they said since I would not give them my account number they could not help me. I told them I had nothing except for the notice that I could get disability insurance on the card. 4 - 10 days later packages forwarded to me from an address I moved from over 2 years ago. I call and they send me this fraud letter telling me to fill it out and they will look into it. 5 days later and I get a statement showing a payment then the removal of the payment and a little nasty note they have closed my account. I called them again and they inform me that they had just sent out a letter to me. 4 weeks have pass and today I get one of their catalogs and I receive constant email about sales, Come on who is the biggest rip off Comenity Bank, NY&C, plus a lot more.

Mar 09, 2016

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