New Way Moving Services / Unethical business practices!

Miami, FL, United States
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This is a terrible company! Avoid it like the Plague.
We contracted them to pick up a small race car and a skid of spare parts they quote us 1375.00 then when they had a driver to come get it we were told it was going to cost 2000.00 because the skid had parts on it. OF Course the skid has parts on it! They were told it was a 4'4'4' skid 250lbs an empty skid would not be 250lbs!!! and why would someone in there right mind ship an empty skid across the country!

They are refusing to refund our 200.00 deposit. It seems there intentions from the beginning were to quote us low to get us to sign the contract then try to extort us out of more money at time of pick up because we have no other choice. These are disgusting business practices. These people should be put in jail!

Sep 29, 2016

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