New Way Moving Services / Fraud and horrible customer service.

1400 ne miami gardens drive Miami, FL 33179, United States

They were very bad on customer service and this
company has the worst service I have experienced in my life. I wished I was not
lied to and con into depositing my money before receiving any service from them.
I spoke with Mary and was promised and told I Was going to have my car pick up
the same week and no longer than that. After 3 mounts of waiting then they
called me and they told me that we couldn’t find you driver to carry your car.
I told them ok just give me my money back then they told me WE ARE SORRY WE can’t
give you the money back.

There are many reasons of not hire this company

1. They
will never pick your car up

2. They
will promise you with lower price and then they will ask for more money

3. Very
Very bad customer service

4. They
will never answer their phone and when they answer it then they will hung up
the phone on your face

5. They
will be very nice until you pay the deposit then they will be so mean

6. They
will tell you many excuses that is why they didn’t find driver and one of them
the weather

7. I
hired them with $320 then they asked for
$500 more and if you say no then you will lose your deposit

8. This
company is dishonest

9. They
don't have their own drivers

10. If
you want to be stressed out and inconvenienced, this is the company for you!

11. When
you post a negative review on Transport about their bad service then
they will call you to remove the post and they will promised you that if you
delete the bad review that they will give you some of your money back and then
when you delete the bad review you will never receive anything from them so
please DO NOT remove your bad review post from Transport

If you want to hire this company then please when
they asked you to pay deposit, DO NOT PAY because you will not have your car
and not your money back. I will never forget this and this is why I'm writing
this review. You will never hear the good but make that clear you will
definitely hear the bad. Please don't hire this people! Take care.

Apr 1, 2014

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