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My son and I just got off the phone with Netgear customer service. What a joke. The tech demanded that we part away with $129 for a year of technical service of $199 for two years. I was appalled and asked the tech what criteria he was using to charge me this astronomical amount. He stated that the IP address was not working. I told him to repeat what he told me so that I could explain to my lawyer about their scam. He insisted that whatever we did, buy a new router, new computer, etc... this would not work. What a joke! I asked him if he could justify his demand of my handing him over my hard earned money. I told him I would just go ahead and buy a new router and let my lawyer know. Lo and behold, my Internet came on. I think Netgear is randomly switching off devices so that they can lure in the less suspecting folk to dish out their hard earned money!!!

Aug 14, 2014
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  • Hu
      Aug 27, 2014

    Please read this if you are planning on purchasing a Netgear modem and router. I had the same problem as the previous post and in my research this is what I found. We purchased both a router and modem because Best Buy claimed that we would have much better connectivity and higher speeds within a larger range of distance. We spent more money than what we normally would have because of this. To make a long story short, on their box they claim to be compatible with our service provider. We purchased item and they only offer 90 days "support" after purchase. This is what you need to know. Netgear has their own associated IP address with your service provider it is not your service providers specific IP. So essentially what happens is if your service provider changes their IP address, your router and modem will not work. When you call into your service provider they cannot give you support because NetGear has their own IP. I called Netgear to get support, and just so you know I have had the items only 150 days they told me that I had to pay either 120 to 170 to get any kind of assistance. I felt like I was on the phone with a sales person instead of a tech support person. I recomend that you purchase your modem and router through your internet provider because you get free support for items that you purchased through them. I did not purchase the tech/hardware support/assurance through NetGear and ordered a new one through my internet provider and all is working great and it was sooo mucher cheaper! Monopoly on either side? Provider or Netgear? Who is to say. Hope this helps!

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